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Subtitling Translation

What Is Subtitling Translation? A Comprehensive Guide Key Takeaways – The subtitle translation process creates subtitles in a language other than the original content. Subtitles

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Computer in design studio

InDesign Translation

The Ultimate Guide to Handling InDesign Translation Projects What is an InDesign file and what are its uses for translation purposes Adobe InDesign is a

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Interpreting in Northampton

German, French and English Simultaneous Interpreting in Northamptonshire Looking over the projects we’ve done recently there have been many interesting jobs including face-to-face interpreting,  80,000

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Can some people really speak 10 or 30 languages? Have you ever wondered how some people can learn several languages? It is fascinating to speak

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Apart from English

Apart from English, what are the best languages for international businesses? Currently English language is used in many global communications, however, there are numerous regions

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Urgent translations

Urgent translation – how to maintain quality? Translation takes time and the process requires good planning in order to produce high quality text. Of course

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Saudi Arabia

We have to remember that when travelling to other countries we often beyond the protection of our government, therefore, we need to look into the

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Our network

Our translator network…   At the heart of our business are our translators. We rely on them to provide the high quality translation and interpreting

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Doing business in Russia… Russia is the largest country in the world. It spans over 11 time zones and according to Wikipedia covers over 6.5

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Endangered languages

Languages are constantly evolving. Words and even phrases are being borrowed from other languages and new technologies lead to creation of new words. Languages represent

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Some countries have one official language which is used by vast majority of their populations, for instance Poland and Germany. However, some countries have more

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German market

Doing business in Germany How well you know our European partners In recent blog we discussed the cultural nuances for doing business in Argentina. Today,

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Braille & BSL

Braille, Easy Read and British Sign Language   In addition to written translation, interpreting and voice over recordings in over 120 languages, we can assist

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Language is closely linked to culture; therefore, to fully master a foreign language requires a thorough understanding of the culture too. That is why it’s

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SEO and translation

SEO and translation Follow up on website translation…   In our last blog we’ve talked about different approaches to translating websites. As your potential clients
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Website translation

Website translation Things to consider… Every business is now expected to have a website, and majority, if not all, do have them. In recent years
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