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What are Multilingual Voice Overs?

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Voice over done in several languages can be used in numerous situations and can considerably reduce multilingual video production costs. Voice over recordings of texts can be used in videos, presentations and other media.

For instance, businesses producing a Health and Safety video for their staff can use foreign language voice over recordings for the same video and distribute it to their overseas subsidiaries or use it in the UK for the staff whose mother tongue is not English.

By making use of the same video footage and supplementing it with foreign language recordings, production costs can be drastically reduced while still preserving the central message and tone.

Marketing videos can benefit from use of multilingual voice over services as well. Instead of re-creating your marketing videos for various countries, you can use multilingual voiceover recordings to create a global marketing campaign that resonates with global audiences all around the world.

Voice-overs have boundless applications – from website narrations and presentations to training tutorials, e-learning projects, video content, telephone IVR systems, user manuals, testimonials or even games. The possibilities are truly endless!

The process for recording voice overs in several languages.

Delivery of a final multilingual voice over project is composed of several separate stages:

Stage 1: The script preparation.

The script needs to be marked with time for every sentence (two ways for timing the script); this time represents the specific order of when the final recordings will appear in the video contents and for how long. This first step is crucial for successful delivery as it will allow the voice studio to edit the recordings appropriately so it works well and is in line with the video content.

Stage 2: Translation of the script.

The language translation services are done by professional translators working into their native language. Depending on the target audience, specialist translators will be used including legal translatorsmedical translators, and technical translators. The draft translation is then proofread by a second and equally experienced translator to ensure it’s ready for recording.

Stage 3: Recording of multilingual voice overs.

The voice over projects recordings are done at a professional studio using the state of the art recording equipment. Multilingual voice over is tricky to record as the studio technician usually doesn’t understand the foreign language; for this reason, the foreign voice over artist works closely with the studio team to achieve the desired audio files. Our clients can visit the studio in person or call in for the voiceover recording session.

The voice artists are hand-picked for every multilingual voice over project. These voiceover artists not only record the required script in their native language, but they also review the recorded files right after the recording is done, help with any editing in the target language and re-record any parts that need amending.

Stage 4: Delivery

The final recordings are delivered in the agreed format, which might be .wav, Mp3, or any other required format.

What to look out for to achieve high-quality multilingual voice over recording?

Management of the entire process in several languages can be challenging, but Global LTS has vast experience in delivering high-quality translation services and multilingual voice over services.

In our experience, we came across several issues that might hinder the final result and they need to be addressed when providing premium voice over recordings. Some of them include:

Lack of the timed script

If the script doesn’t have the required running time information, the audio recordings in foreign languages might be longer than the primary English file, causing a discrepancy between sound and video. This is also needed so translators can sense check if their text in the target language should be shortened. Shorter translation will help voice over artists with speaking at consistent and natural speed.

System flexibility

If the multilingual voice overs are to be used in a telephone IVR system or an e learning platform, It is essential to guarantee that your multilingual recordings will function optimally. For instance, some languages have a grammatical structure where verbs are at the end of the sentences, so the structure will be different from English so the prompts or e learning content might have to be adjusted. This language structure might cause set-up issues and confusion for the global audience.

Time restrictions

Some voice overs might be time restricted by the video content duration or system technicalities. This rigidity could cause complications since various foreign languages frequently use words that are longer and more abundant.

Appropriate voice talent

It is crucial to assign the most appropriate voice talents for each multilingual voice over recording project. When searching for a voice artist, it’s essential to consider their tone, accent, gender and age – which should all be carefully chosen based on your global audience.


How to book multilingual voice over services?

If you’re preparing for a project requiring multilingual voice over recordings, please contact us for a friendly and professional service. Our experienced staff will be able to guide you through the voice over services process and point out any possible areas of concern that should be looked at before the project start.

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Multilingual Voice Over case studies:

Category: Manufacturing/Medical

Description: Multilingual voiceover for product videos

Client: TVF Communications

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Canadian French, Dutch, Italian

Size of project: 23 audio files

TVF are an independent medical communications agency. We have worked with them since 2012.

This project involved transcript translation and voice over recording for a video presentation they had created, which was designed to promote a particular pharmaceutical product to a global audience of doctors and clinicians. The video takes the form of an animation with a voiceover explaining best use, symptoms, side effects etc.

Global LTS supplied the complete multilingual voice productions: we arranged the translations to the target languages and also the voiceover artist who provided the recording.

Category: Manufacturing

Description: Multilingual voice over with user guide

Client: Medicineman Ltd.

Source Language: English

Target Languages: German

This project required transcript translation and voice over recording for an animation explaining how to use a crane equipment.

We have used a German translator who used to work in the crane manufacturing business, so she could use the most appropriate terminology. We also used a professional German voice artist, who created the natural-sounding recording. And, the voice studio team ensured the length of the recording matched with the animation.


A voice recording in several languages that is used to overlay animations, presentation, safety videos and user guide videos.

1. Prepare the script with time stamps
2. Translate the script by professional translators
3. Voice recording in a professional studio
4. Editing and re-recording
5. Delivery to client in the required format

  1. Lack of timed scripts.
  2. System inflexibilities with accommodating foreign language structure.
  3. Time restrictions
  4. Inappropriate voiceover artists

Partner with an ISO-certified translation services agency that has experience with voice over services and access to professional voiceover artists.

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