We speak 120 languages

We speak 120 languages

How is it possible that we can cover such a large number of languages?

At Global LTS we cover languages spoken on all continents (you might also be interested in reading what are the top 10 most spoken languages).  Therefore, with such a wide range of languages our clients can communicate with their target audiences throughout the entire world. We are able to offer these services thanks to our network of translators and interpreters.

This global network of professional linguists, currently over 3,000 translators, is continually growing as we cover more and more specialisations for our clients. Large network is also crucial in order to manage peaks in demand for certain languages. In addition, translators work into their native language only, so French to English translation, for instance, would be done by a different translator than English to French translation.

We are very proud of the translators working with us and they are the backbone of the business. Most of businesses are only as good as their suppliers, and this couldn’t be more true in translation. We do have quality control procedures in place and we continually review quality of our translators’ work, but it is their professionalism and passion for languages that allows us to deliver high quality service. In order to be on our database, translators and interpreters need at least two years of professional translation experience – most of them have decades of experience, need to have a degree in translation and need to specialise in at least one specific area such as law, medicine, aviation, etc.

Thanks to this phenomenal resource, we are able to hand pick translators for specific projects based on their skills and experience. We are also able to put teams of translators together for large or regular projects and clients can take part in this process as well. We can provide test translations and their in-house speakers can review the texts and pick the ones that fit best with the tone of the brand. This approach is also used in multilingual voice over projects, where we provide samples of the voice over artists’ work, so the client can pick the talent that is most suitable for their target audience.

So, speaking in 120 languages is only possible thanks to our dedicated linguists. If you would like your business to communicate with audiences whose English is not their first language, do get in touch and we most definitely have a perfect translator for you…

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