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An Overview of Marketing Translation Services and What They Do 

You rely on your marketing communications to tell your brand story to the world, in many languages. These messages are vital in taking that prospect on a journey that secures them as a client.

But here’s the thing.

Marketing translation is complex.

The internet is rife with examples of poorly translated marketing content and translation mistakes and these typically stem from an improper or literal translation of the original copy.

In some cases, it may be that the translated document simply becomes difficult to read as the grammar and correct wording are not quite right. This is damaging enough.

But what happens if that translation now contains inappropriate or offensive language? Your reputation could be destroyed by one simple mistake.

Use Local Knowledge for Marketing Translations

In order to effectively market and sell products on a global scale, brands must prioritize accessibility in the local language. By utilizing the age-old adage of “think global, act local,” businesses demonstrate a commitment to valuing their customers and engaging with them on a personal level. This approach not only attracts and retains customers but also serves as a means of educating and informing users. Ultimately, the benefits of speaking your customers’ language cannot be overstated when it comes to successful global campaigns.

Getting cultural preferences and local traditions right when translating marketing content is essential to avoid any costly mistakes.

It’s not enough to simply understand these nuances – you need to actively consider them to ensure your message resonates positively with your target audience.

Consider the Target Audience for Values and Humour

The fact is that well-written copy in the native language of the brand will hold true to the brand values and convey the message as it is intended. You can inject humour and personality appropriate to your brand, but you need to appreciate that this may need to be adjusted or even removed for different cultures.

Use your marketing translation services partner early in the process and get advice on whether your marketing content will resonate with the target audience or if your marketing campaigns need to be adjusted for each market separately.

Multilingual Typesetting of Marketing Materials

Translation of marketing and advertising materials extends to more than just the written text, and this is often where even the largest firms can make costly mistakes.

High-quality material takes time and effort to produce and typesetting is a consideration that should be made early in the process. It is essential that you prepare and manage your marketing material for marketing translations projects. The original English version should follow formatting guidelines which allow for marketing translation services to work smoothly and efficiently in delivering your multilingual marketing content.

Common issues with typesetting multilingual marketing content

  • Translation into another language may involve a design overhaul for right-to-left languages.
  • The text volume may increase during the translation process even by 20%.
  • You may need to remove small passages of text as they may be deemed culturally inappropriate.

All of the above will affect the flow and aesthetics of your marketing materials.

When preparing for marketing translations, do consider the marketing content layout early on. If you’re working with InDesign files, have a look at our InDesign Translation page.

Benefits of Utilizing Global LTS for Professional Marketing Translation Services 

Your professional marketing translation partner

Global LTS was established in 2010 and has been focusing on quality marketing translation services since day one, and the key to our success is our people.

Marketing translators

We have a network of native-speaking marketing translators who can not only understand the cultural nuances of the local language and the target audience culture, they are passionate about delivering your marketing materials and brand values to your local audience.

We take the time to discuss your requirements in depth so we can hand-pick the right translators for your business factoring in language, industry and your brand voice.

Our team consists of over 3000 marketing translations experts covering 120 languages with advanced knowledge and experience in delivering professional marketing translation services as well as working within the medical translationmanufacturingtechnical translation, and legal translation sectors.

Terminology consistency with marketing translations

When it comes to preparing your copy for international markets or when using marketing translation services for communications and business growth, consistency is key.

When preparing your marketing content, you need to ensure that your message is consistent and not confusing.

With our marketing translation services, we ensure the terminology is consistent within the document and between projects.

This is achieved with translation memory software MemoQ which stores previously translated text and translators see what words were previously used.

From website translations to brochure translations, and user manual translations to presentations and social media, your terminology and your marketing translations will be consistent with our business translation services approach.

Our services


Global LTS marketing translation services are underpinned by experienced marketing translators who are not only linguists but also marketing professionals, with an instinct for what works.

We have expertise in advertising copy and marketing materials in both long form, ideal for brochures, website copy and blogs, and short-form for recreating your social media and video translations in a way that is both natural and persuasive to native speakers of the target market and language.

Our marketing translation services help with the following:

Brochure translation

Email campaign translation

Newsletter translation

Video subtitle and voiceover translation

Website translation

Advertising campaigns

Presentation translation

Social media campaigns

Multilingual SEO

User guide brochures

Global LTS in Action – Marketing Translation Services Examples


We know that you need to be sure of your investment, this is your brand and reputation and we value that. Here are just some of the other marketing translation service projects we have delivered for clients.

Brochure translation

Your brochure is one of your first opportunities to prove to your client that you understand their needs. It needs to speak to the reader in a natural, engaging tone and is best achieved with the skills of human translators, who are marketers with the ability to write persuasive copy in their native language.

Our marketing translation services extend beyond just translating into meaningful and engaging copy. We can also help in the design phase to ensure the typesetting is appropriate for your international customers and reads correctly in the local language.

Check out our brochure translation page for more information.

Case Study – Brochure Translation

Category: Marketing Translation

Description: Translation and multilingual brochure typesetting

Clients: Hotfusion Communications Inc.

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish

Project: Brochure translation and typesetting

We have teamed up with Hotfusion Communications to provide marketing translation services for Ciena’s brochures.

This marketing collateral was created in InDesign. We converted the files into .idml in preparation for the translation process. This marketing translation was into Japanese, Korean, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

We cleaned up the files after translating them and handed over the final InDesign versions ready for print.

Marketing Videos Translation

Marketing videos are a popular choice for marketing campaigns due to their high engagement. Simply adding a multilingual voice over can provide you with a competitive advantage as you create truly global marketing campaigns. Multilingual videos are not just limited to marketing campaigns, we can offer a voice over for health and safety videos, instructional guides or anywhere you use video to communicate with your stakeholders.

Check out our multilingual voice over page for more information.

Case Study – Marketing Videos Translation

Category: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Description: Multilingual voice over for product videos

Client: TVF

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Dutch, Canadian French and Italian

Project size: 23 multilingual audio files

TVF, a renowned independent agency specializing in medical communications, has been our long-term client for marketing translations since 2012. 

Our team took on an exciting challenge by translating a video presentation promoting a pharmaceutical product to medical professionals. The video utilized eye-catching animation and a clear voiceover to fully convey proper usage, symptoms, potential side effects, and other important information.

The entire bundle was delivered by Global LTS – from coordinating the translations to selecting the perfect voiceover artist to record the final product in all target languages.

Website Translation

Your website is often your first opportunity to impress your international customers and you have just seconds to do it. Website copy needs to flow and be easy to understand and navigate in any language.

A website with copy that feels like it has been hastily translated will be difficult to comprehend and the structure and layout can be compromised. We work with website translation clients to ensure the experience is the same in any language.

Explore our website translation page to discover a world of intriguing details and nuances about our website projects.

Case Study – Website Translation

Category: Manufacturing Translation

Description: Website translation

Client: – Performance Review Institute

Source Language: English

Target Languages: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese

Project: Full website translation and ongoing website updates

PRI is a reputable specialist in the field of aerospace, offering customized advice and solutions. PRI, a leader in special process accreditation and cutting-edge audit management software, has earned the trust of top industry giants like Airbus and Rolls Royce Aerospace.

With their world-class services, PRI has been staying ahead of the game in the competitive business world. PRI also understands the importance of effective communication with a global audience. That’s why they’ve partnered with Global LTS since 2012, and we’ve been providing PRI with website translation and technical translation services in eight languages. This ensures that PRI can effectively communicate with diverse global audiences.

Packaging translation

Packaging is an important component of your brand, it is also likely to contain important messages such as ingredients or instructions. It is vital, not just for branding but also for legal purposes that these are accurately translated and reflect the message that you need to convey.

Our marketing translation service employs the skills of native translators who can ensure that the international packaging hits the right notes for local culture.

Discover the secrets behind our packaging translation page and the many ways it can benefit your brand. 

Case Study – Packaging Translation

Category: Marketing Translation

Description: Packaging text proofreading

Client: Waken Mouthcare

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Polish, Portuguese, Slovak and Czech

After receiving a draft translation from the client that was done with a machine translation, we put our translators to work reviewing and correcting errors, adding missing words, and unifying the text across all languages. As a result, our final product accurately reflects the English source text and is perfectly suited for local markets.


Translation of marketing materials including brochures, posters, websites, advertising translation and anything else that is consumer-facing.

1. Ensure your agency is using the same translators for all your marketing translation projects (you might have to allow longer deadlines for this).

2. Use an agency with implemented translation memory software.

3. Create translation style guides and glossaries.

Yes. The chosen marketing translators should have knowledge and expertise in translating marketing content. Also, they should have in-depth knowledge of your industry.

Desktop Publishing, or DTP, involves using commercial applications to create layouts and typeset content. This helps you format your marketing collateral correctly after translating it into the desired languages.

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