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You rely on your marketing communications to tell our story to the world, in many languages. These messages are vital in taking that prospect on a journey that secures them as a client.

But here’s the thing.

Marketing translation is complex.

The internet is rife with examples of marketing translation mistakes and these typically stem from an improper or literal translation of the original copy.

In some cases, it may be that the translated document simply becomes difficult to read as the grammar and correct wording are not quite right. This is damaging enough.

But what happens if that translation now contains inappropriate or offensive language? Your reputation could be destroyed by one simple mistake.

Marketing translation services for the global market

You know that great marketing copy sells, whether you are engaging your clients through product brochures, videos, website content or even social media you need to communicate your brand values in a meaningful way to your audience.

To attract customers, sell products and educate users, brands need to be accessible in the local language, it goes back to that great marketing concept “think global, act local” and it works because your customers see you value them enough to talk to them in their language. That is the key phrase “their language”. It’s vital that cultural preferences and local traditions are not only understood but considered at the point of translation to avoid any damaging pitfalls.

This does not mean you cannot achieve economies of scale when it comes to preparing your copy or when using translation services for marketing.

The fact is well written copy in the native language of the brand will hold true to the brand values and convey the message as it is intended. You can inject humour and personality appropriate to your brand, but you need to appreciate that this may need to be adjusted or even removed for different cultures.

Translation of marketing materials extends to more than just the written text, and this is often where even the largest firms can make costly mistakes

High quality material takes time and effort to produce and typesetting is a consideration that should be made early in the process. It is essential that you prepare and manage your marketing material for translation and that the original English version should be designed in a way that allows for multilingual content.

Common mistakes

  • Translation into another language may involve formatting such as reading right to left.
  • The text volume may increase due to longer form language.
  • You may need to remove small passages of text as it may be deemed culturally inappropriate.

All the above will affect the flow and aesthetics of your communications.

When preparing your marketing collateral, you need to ensure that your message is consistent and not confusing. Many organisations approach us when their communications have failed in a certain region and the reason is often due to not having consistent terminology across all platforms.

From website to brochures, user guides to presentations and social media too your terminology (and its translation) needs to be consistent. Therefore, it’s vital that your marketing message isn’t just processed literally but is very carefully re-crafted by native speaking marketers who understand what you are trying to achieve.

Key considerations

Adapting marketing copy to local cultures can undoubtedly be a challenge but in doing so it is imperative that certain potential traps are considered.

Firstly, humour. Does the humour successfully translate to the required culture?

Next, be wary of using linguistic devices. Well-chosen linguistic devices can really bring your copy to life in one language, but how well does that pun translate?

Consider the imagery and colours you use within your marketing. While they might be positive in one market, could they have negative connotations elsewhere?

Finally, don’t overlook brand and product names. A cultural blunder connected with a brand name is to be avoided at all costs. Any marketer is familiar with the story of Nova and its Spanish translation of “not going” but many organisations do not consider the local translation of brand and product names.


Poor or literal translation of marketing copy will more than likely damage your brand. It’s paramount, therefore, that the goal or aim of the copy is firmly understood at the outset. Tone of voice also needs to be considered, as does how the brand will be perceived by the target audience.

Marketing translation requires similar skills to that of the copywriter who created the source text. If you really want your marketing messages to work in other languages, they don’t need to be processed literally, they need to be re-crafted. It is a creative process where meaning and tone are more important than making a direct translation. This is why it is worth investing in a skilled and creative marketing translation agency. A team of people that can help you ensure your messages retain their power and charm, when communicated to your global audience.

Global LTS – Your professional marketing translation partner


Global LTS has an enviable reputation for quality translations of marketing materials and the key to our success is our people. We have a network of native speaking marketers who can not only understand the nuances of the local language and culture, they are passionate about delivering your brand values to your audience.

We take the time to discuss your requirements in depth so we can hand pick the right linguist for your business factoring in language, industry and your brand voice.

Our team consists of over 3000 expert translators covering 120 languages with advanced knowledge and experience in handling marketing documents for medical translation, manufacturing translation, technical translation, and legal translation.

Our services


Global LTS can provide your marketing project with translators who are not only linguists but also marketing professionals, with an instinct for what works.

We have expertise in advertising and marketing copy in both long form, ideal for brochures, website copy and blogs, and short form for recreating your social media and video translations in a way that is both natural and persuasive to native speakers of the target language.

Advertising campaigns

Brochure translation

Email campaign translation

Newsletter translation

Video subtitle and voiceover translation

Website translation

Presentation translation

Social media campaigns

Multilingual SEO

Global LTS in action – Marketing translation examples


We know that you need to be sure of your investment, this is your brand and reputation and we value that. Here are just some of the marketing translation projects we have delivered for clients.

Brochure translation

Ciena Japanese brochure

Your brochure is one of your first opportunities to prove to your client that you understand their needs. It needs to speak to the reader in a natural, engaging tone and is best achieved with the skills of translators who are marketers with the ability to write persuasive copy in their native language.

Our skills extend beyond just translating into meaningful and engaging copy. We can also help in the design phase to ensure the typesetting is appropriate and reads correctly in the local language.

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Marketing Videos Translation

iGro video screenshot

Marketing videos are a popular choice with marketers due to their high engagement. Simply adding a multilingual voice over can provide you with a competitive advantage as you create a true global marketing campaign. Multilingual videos are not just limited to marketing, we can offer a voiceover to health and safety videos, instructional guides or anywhere you use video to communicate with your stakeholders.

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Website Translation

PRI website screenshot

Your website is often your first opportunity to impress your customer and you have just seconds to do it. Website copy needs to flow and be easy to understand and navigate in any language.

A website with copy that feels like it has just been hastily translated will be difficult to comprehend and the structure and layout can be compromised. We work with a website translation clients to ensure the experience is the same in any language.

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Packaging translation

Packaging is an important component of your brand, it is also likely to contain important messages such as ingredients or instructions. It is vital, not just for branding but also for legal purposes that these are accurately translated and reflect the message that you need to convey.

We partner with clients by employing the skills of a native speaker who can ensure that the international packaging hits the right notes.

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Let us help you

We want to help you tell your story to the world.

We have worked with companies from small specialist manufacturers to global medical organisations, to provide quality marketing translations that reflect their brand.

When you partner with Global LTS you will be accessing a world of specialist resources including our process and translation memory tools and a network of translators, each with at least two years experience.

If you have a marketing translation requirement that we can help with, please contact us to discuss your project.


Translation of marketing documents including brochures, posters, websites and anything else that is consumer facing.

1. Ensure your agency is using the same translators for all your marketing translation projects (you might have to allow longer deadlines for this).
2. Use an agency with implemented translation memory software.
3. Create translation style guides and glossaries.

Yes. The chosen translators should have knowledge and expertise of translating marketing copy. Also, they should have in-depth knowledge of your industry.

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