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Consumers are more likely to buy a product if they can find the relevant information in their native language. Our goal is to help you achieve higher sales through our brochure translation services.

Sell your products and services to wide global audiences with our brochure translation services.

You can communicate with almost half of the population with only 10 languages, so language barriers should not be your obstacle to global sales.


The culturally relevant translation is a must for your clients whether they are investors in Bejing, hotel guests in Moscow, or marketing professionals in the United Arab Emirates.


We can help with both the translation and typesetting of your brochures.

How do brochure translations work?

Your multilingual brochures need to work well in the local country to achieve your goals, that is why we only use professional translators working into their native language.
These linguists will have knowledge of your specific industry and experience in translating brochures.


But with brochure translation the text is only part of the solution, you also need to ensure the translation is laid out correctly. Our DTP team can handle this for you.


From experience, we know that translating brochures often requires design changes. This is due to text expansion.


Not many people know this, but when translating the volume of words and the number of used characters changes considerably. In some language pairs, for instance, English to German, the volume can increase by 20%.


Therefore, your brochure design will need to accommodate extra text. Our DTP team knows how to amend the design to allow for this increase.


As with any marketing material, a translated brochure copy has to speak to the reader in a natural, engaging tone. This is why we recommend the use of translators with marketing knowledge and the ability to write persuasive copy in their native language.

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Brochure translation supported with the latest software technology.

It’s not just words that need translation when brochures are localised the text needs to be typeset to fit back into the design files. Our team is composed of DTP professionals experienced in the latest design software and knowledge of typesetting multilingual brochures. 

We have experience and tools to manage texts with Roman scripts to Arabic abjads, and from Chinese SP characters to Japanese katakana, our DTP teams will ensure your brochures are looking professional and feel as if they’ve been created in the target country.

Examples of brochure translation:

Case Study

Category: Marketing/Technical

Description: Arabic/Chinese typesetting

Clients: Millbrook – Experts in design engineering

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Arabic and Chinese

Project: Brochure formatting

In this case, the client had already obtained a translation of their brochure from sector specialists, but needed help with setting out the Chinese and Arabic material in a way that ensured it followed grammar rules and made complete sense to native readers.

Our experts did the typesetting, making sure that local norms were followed and that words were not split across lines or sentences broken up.

In addition, we also checked the translation and formatting of some sets of business cards and provided these as print-ready files.

Case Study

Category: Marketing translation

Description: Translation and multilingual brochure typesetting

Clients: Hotfusion Communications Inc.

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish

Project: Brochure translation and typesetting

In this case, we have partnered with Hotfusion Communications to deliver localised brochures for their end client Ciena.

Brochures were created in InDesign and our team worked directly with these files. Our studio team has prepared .idml files which were translated into Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin American Spanish.

After translation, the files were cleaned up and finalised with our client receiving final InDesign versions in the required languages.


Currently brochures designed in InDesign fit well with translation process. Global LTS can work directly from the design files which saves hours of copy/paste work and reduces typesetting errors.

Allow extra space for translated text as volume of words and characters can increase even to 20% more during translation.

The cost is based on number of words in the brochure and which language is required. In addition, there are costs for studio time required to prepare the file before translation and for tidying the text after the translation.

– Involve the translation agency early in the process.
– Allow extra space for text to minimise the need for resizing images after the translation is added back in.
– Don’t embed text in images as these images will need to be edited separately.

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