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An effective brochure can be a powerful tool for growing your business in an international market. It’s important to make sure that your brochure is translated into the language of the target market so that potential customers can understand all the features and benefits of your products or services. Our services are capable of translating brochures into over 120 languages, including Asian languages, ensuring global reach and versatility to meet diverse linguistic needs.

Translating brochures goes beyond simply translating words from one language to another, though; it requires a deep understanding of the cultural, social, and other nuances of each language.

This is where our translation services come in – they are essential to providing accurate and quality translated material.

How can a professionally translated brochure elevate your business?

Having your brochures translated by specialist commercial translators is crucial for businesses aiming to reach a wider audience. This ensures that the sales value remains intact and the message remains clear to the reader, whether it’s for your company’s brochures, product brochures, or promotional materials. Our translation services are designed to help you communicate effectively with foreign customers.

By utilising brochure translation in multiple languages, companies can expand their customer base, educate their consumers in e-learning courses, and increase their market visibility.

Our professional translation services ensure the accuracy of the translation and that the wording will be effective from a marketing perspective.

In addition, expert translators can help build trust with customers, as they feel confident that they are getting accurate information from the company.

Consumers do prefer reading websites and brochures in their native languages.

HBR research suggests they are willing to pay more if they have access to a translated brochure about your products and services. In essence, consumers are more likely to buy a product if they can find relevant information in their native language.

All these factors combined make translated brochures an invaluable asset for businesses looking to elevate their business internationally.

Benefits of Global LTS Brochure Translation Services

Our goal is to help you achieve higher sales with our brochure translations.

Our translation services will help you can communicate globally. You only need 10 languages to reach almost half of the world’s population. So language barriers should not be your obstacle to global sales. Utilizing professional translators in your brochure translation projects is key to achieving higher sales through expertly crafted communications.

Our professional translator team’s expertise and qualifications ensure that your brochure translation process is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, guaranteeing that your message resonates with your global audience.

Native translators

Our brochure translation services will be performed by expert translators with experience in brochure translations.

Our expert translation teams will create accurate translations of your copy with an emphasis on clear language ideal for overseas markets communication in your required target language.

These linguists will know your specific industry, can do technical translations, and have experience in brochure translations.

As with any marketing material, a translated brochure copy has to speak to the reader in a natural, engaging tone. This is why we recommend the use of translators with marketing knowledge and the ability to write persuasive copy in your target languages.

Our native translators can help create an on-brand message that resonates with customers as well as build trust with them through accurate translations.

With our brochure translation services, you can sell your products or services on the international markets without language barriers being an obstacle!

Quality assurance processes

Quality assurance is an integral part of the brochure translation process.

Our translation service includes rigorous quality assurance steps to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the translations.

This includes QA language checks, completeness guarantee checks, terminology checks and terminology consistency checks.

Our team uses their experience and knowledge to do these checks, but we also have automation tools which check the quality (especially for terminology consistency and completeness guarantee).

Translators also do their checks for spelling and grammar errors, as well as cultural nuances that could have been missed during initial translations.

Quality assurance steps ensure our clients receive a high-quality product that accurately communicates their message in any language.

Global LTS is an ISO-certified translation agency and can provide certified translations. We have spent years testing and refining our processes. They are audited on regular basis to ensure the correct approach is followed and we continue to improve.

Experienced typesetting studio team

Studio deskIt’s not just words that need translation when brochures are localised the text needs to be typeset to fit back into the design files.

Our team is composed of DTP professionals experienced in the latest design software and knowledge of typesetting brochure content. 

Working from InDesign files

Translation of InDesign files requires special attention to ensure accuracy and quality. InDesign professionals can create layouts with multiple pages, colour palettes, complex graphics, and layout techniques that need to be considered when translating documents.

Additionally, it is important to ensure the translated text fits correctly in the design layout.

Not many people know this, but when translating the volume of words and the number of used characters changes considerably. In some language pairs, for instance, English to German, the volume can increase by 20%.

Therefore, your brochure design will need to accommodate extra text. Our multilingual desktop publishing team knows how to amend the design to allow for this increase.

Our professional brochure translation services are best suited for translating InDesign files, we have the expertise, tools and tested processes to handle these types of projects.

The process we have in place for brochure translation includes:

  1. Pre-flight: our DTP team prepares the files for translation. They review the .indd files, check all copy segments, ensure that translators have access to all text, mark up which text needs to stay in English (company logos, product names, etc.) and they create working documents in the .idml file format.
  2. The .idml files are used to set up the project and launch it on our MemoQ server. MemoQ, a software used by thousands of translation agencies, ensures the creation of translation memory. These translation memories are used to maintain terminology consistency and lower the costs of translation services in the long term.
  3. Translators work on the copy directly within the .idml file format.
  4. Translated .idml files delivered to our DTP team
  5. Typesetting stage – translated text is reimported into the original brochure and the studio team finishes the typesetting
  6. Final internal check
  7. Delivery of ready-for-print multilingual brochures


Tips and tricks to ensure quality brochure translation

Understand the Target Audience:

Knowing who you’re targeting is the key to success when it comes to translations. It’s important to consider language, cultural differences and other factors so that your message resonates with readers in the target language.

Professional Translation Services:

Hiring a professional translation service can ensure the accuracy and quality of the translations, especially for complex brochures. They have access to native speakers who understand the nuances of language, as well as marketing localization strategies that will help you create an effective message for your readers.

Quality Control Steps:

After translations are completed, it’s essential to review them closely before they are published to catch any mistakes or errors. Inviting feedback from native-speaking editors or colleagues can help identify potential issues and provide an extra level of assurance before publication

Proofreading by Multiple Sources:

When possible, try to have multiple people proofread the translated material for accuracy and consistency. This helps provide different perspectives on the content and adds another layer of quality control for brochure translations before releasing translated documents into circulation.


If you are looking for professional brochure translation and marketing document translation services, Global LTS can help out.

We provide translation services and multilingual typesetting of your sales leaflets and brochures. 

Our team can translate your documents into a variety of languages, ensuring that the translated text looks great and is accurate to your original content.

Contact us today to discuss your project!

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Examples of brochure translation:

Case Study

Category: Marketing/Technical

Description: Arabic/Chinese typesetting

Clients: Millbrook – Experts in design engineering

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Arabic and Chinese

Project: Brochure formatting

In this case, the client had already obtained a translation of their brochure from sector specialists, but needed help with setting out the Chinese and Arabic material in a way that ensured it followed grammar rules and made complete sense to native readers.

Our experts did the typesetting, making sure that local norms were followed and that words were not split across lines or sentences broken up.

In addition, we also checked the Arabic translation and formatting of some sets of business cards and provided these as print-ready files.

Case Study

Category: Marketing translation

Description: Translation and multilingual brochure typesetting

Clients: Hotfusion Communications Inc.

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish

Project: Brochure translation and typesetting

In this case, we have partnered with Hotfusion Communications to deliver localised brochures for their end client Ciena.

Brochures were created in InDesign and our team worked directly with these files. Our studio team has prepared .idml files which were translated into Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin American Spanish.

After translation, the files were cleaned up and finalised with our client receiving final InDesign versions in the required languages.


There are two separate costs: translation services and typesetting. Translation will depend on the word count and target languages; the starting point is £0.095 per word. Typesetting will depend on the software used, complexity and structure of the design.

Use an ISO-certified translation agency with access to a large pool of translators and an experienced typesetting team.

Understand your target audience, partner with a reputable translation agency, implement quality control steps and use proofreading by multiple sources.

Think about the layout and allow for changes in the volume of text. Be considerate of your target audience when picking the images for the brochure.

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