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What are language translation services?

Translation refers to written text – it is a process of converting the meaning and message of the copy from one language into another. During translation process translators need to clearly transfer the meaning of the source documents into target language document. Agencies providing language translation services manage the translation process and enable their clients to communicate with global audiences.

What is the difference between translation services and interpreting?

Translation focuses on written text. Interpreting focuses on spoken language for meetings and presentations where the actual conversation is conveyed two or more languages. Interpreting can be simultaneous, where the speaker doesn’t have to stop and the interpreters convey the message live to the audience. Or it can be consecutive, where the speaker makes pauses to allow for the interpreter to convey the message in the foreign language.

How is language translation cost calculated?

Language translation services are priced up based on the number of words in the document, the document’s technicality, required timeframes and the required language.