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Medical translation services are incredibly important, and language discipline and the understanding of medical terminology is vital to their accuracy.

We have worked with many health organisations within the medical industry to provide fully translated, confidential medical documents.

We can provide you with trusted medical translation services, whether for clients in private healthcare, pharmaceutical businesses, or the NHS.

We know that medical documentation is sensitive, and we can sign non-disclosure agreements with clients, and provide a Certificate of Accuracy for the translated documents.

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  • Quick turnaround times
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  • Highly trained and experienced translators
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What is a medical translation?

Medical translations cover a broad range of industries and specialisations, not just medicine. 

The sectors covered by the term ‘medical translation’ include translating information about drugs and pharmaceutical processes.

It includes translating product information for medical devices, as well as translating medical research documents, patient reports and more.

Our Medical Translators

We’re aware that a medical translator needs to have an ample amount of knowledge about medicine varying from biochemistry, physics, mathematics, pharmacology and more, in order to truly offer an excellent standard of medical translation.

The terminology used should be accurately translated and said medical translator must be completely confident in their translation so that a thorough and certified service can be provided to the client.

It is imperative for translators providing medical translation services to make sure they know and understand fully the terminology being used, which can change and develop rapidly.

They must also be regulatory experts, knowing what changes are being made, and being fluent in the languages they are translating to and from.

Thanks to our large network of translators, we are able to pick medical translators who will fit your project.

Our medical translators meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 3 years as professional translators
  • Experience within medical translation sector
  • Experience within the specific branch of medical industry matching with your sector
  • Confirmed credentials

The Benefits of Medical Document Translation

Medical document translation has a wide array of benefits.

It can benefit healthcare professionals, their patients, researchers, scientists and more.

For doctors to do their jobs to the best of their ability, they must understand the health history of their patient. 

This is why a certified translation of patient record is helpful for a doctor treating a foreign patient or a patient who had treatment abroad.

In turn, the patient will also benefit, as they will be receiving the highest level of treatment, and when they receive translated documents and medication, they will have a more thorough understanding of any medical procedure or medicine prescribed by their doctor.

 Here is a list of some of the basic medical translations which should be considered by patients and doctors:

  • Basic medical history of a patient
  • Consent forms for operations and other medical procedures
  • Discharge guidance for patients

The documents in the above list have information which would be of great value to both the doctor and the patient.

It will help the doctor administer the best and most relevant care possible, and allow the patient to follow these instructions to improve their health.

Where can medical translation services help out?

A key benefit of medical translation is that it helps healthcare providers put in place the required treatment and care for patients who don’t speak their language, as it allows a proper flow of communication.

There will be doctors who treat patients who don’t speak their language.

They will need to provide instructions to them in the patient’s native language, or a language they understand very well. 

There might also be a need for the translation of the medical history of a patient who has just moved to a certain country and doesn’t speak the language well enough to confidently communicate with the doctor. 

Otherwise, errors in communication can result in serious complications or even death as it happened with Willie Ramirez.

Patients should have a complete understanding of their health, as well as the possibilities for treatment from their doctor.

Moreover, pharmacists also have translation requirements, as doctors will prescribe medicine for a patient, which might not have the dosage and instructions in their language. 

An accurate translation in this situation is a must so that the patient understands how to properly administer their drugs correctly. 

In this case, a fast and accurate translation is a necessity.

Normally, information about medicines is provided in the resident country’s national language. 

However, given developments in globalisation and the increase in movement of people, this means they’re more and more expatriates move to other countries, where they might not have an excellent grasp of the local language. 

Consequently, life-saving instructions and guidance in the field of medicine must be made accessible to all those who need it.

Accurate translation really can be a matter of life or death

In the medical and pharmaceutical sector, the quality and accuracy of translations is of paramount importance because lives literally can depend on it.

Medical translations fall into two broad categories: material aimed at medical professionals, and that which is written for laypeople such as patients and their families.

In the first instance, the translator will require knowledge of specialist terminology and be able to use the exact terms understood by medical professionals speaking the target language.

For patient-facing materials, a high level of linguistic skill is required in order to put the message across in a way that is easily understood and takes cultural sensitivities into account.

In the pharmaceutical sector, all sorts of documents frequently require translation. This covers every stage of a product cycle, from Phase I clinical research to Phase II clinical trials to final marketing materials. At each stage the translator must be fully conversant will all the relevant guidelines and regulations.

Our language experts can provide medical translation for documents such as:

  • Clinical trial reports
  • Consent forms
  • Glossary of terminology
  • Information leaflets
  • Labelling
  • Medical packaging
  • Patient records
  • Pharmaceutical reports
  • Training manuals

Our medical translators are chosen for their experience, aptitude and qualifications.

For each project, we source professionals with prior knowledge in the area of expertise required for the job at hand.

When you work with Global LTS, you are tapping into our network of thousands tried and trusted professional medical translators.

All of our expert contacts have at least two years of experience working as translation specialists within the medical industry.

And the ones we choose for medical projects will have the appropriate training, qualifications and experience to understand medical terminology and have a full appreciation of the issues involved.

With such an in-depth pool of resource, we can also find translators whose schedules and availability fit in with your project timescales.

If you have a medical or pharmaceutical translation requirement, please contact us to discuss your project.

Medical Translation Services Case Studies

Interact logo

Category: Medical Translation Services
Description: Written Translation
Client: Interact Medical

Size of project: Ongoing translation – daily projects

Interact Medical are one of the leading medical locum agencies. They specialise fulfilment of doctor jobs, nursing agency jobs and all other healthcare locums.

We have been providing translation of education certificates, proofs of residence, diplomas and certificates. Every single translated document is accompanied with our Certificate of Accuracy.

Category: Medical Translation Services
Description: Written Translation & Multilingual Voiceover
Client: Shire Plc.

Size of project: 2,000 words script and voiceover recording

Shire team were working on promoting their drug Fosrenol; they were using an animation to illustrate how the drug is best used. The animation was aimed at medical professionals and was using medical jargon.

We have provided the translation of the script and recorded the multilingual voiceover for the animation.

Category: Medical Translation Services
Description: Written Translation into French, German, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese
Client: Shire Plc.

Size of project: 40,000 words 

When the Shire team were working on promoting their drug Equasym, they needed to translate an extensive manual on how to best use the drug. The manual was aimed at medical professionals and was using medical jargon.

Colgene logo

Category: Medical Translation Services
Description: Written Translation into French, German, Spanish and Italian.
Client: Colgene Corporation

Size of project: 110,000 words 

Colgene required a translation for their e-learning programme. Our medical translators ensured the translation was not only accurate and reading well, but also made sure it was working well within the e-learning platform.


In the UK translation agencies can issue a certificate of accuracy for the medical translation they provide. In other countries, you might have to use sworn translators.

Translation of texts related to medical or pharmaceutical industries including brochures, device documentation, user guides, drug data sheets, clinical and regulatory documentation.

A medical translator needs to have an ample amount of knowledge about medicine varying from biochemistry, physics, mathematics, pharmacology and more, to truly offer an excellent standard of medical translation.

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