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Medical translation services are crucial in the medical sector, requiring a combination of language fluency and an in-depth comprehension of medical terminology for flawless accuracy.

By collaborating with numerous healthcare institutions from the medical industry, we specialize in providing fully translated medical documents.

We can provide you with trusted medical translation services, whether for clients in private healthcare, pharmaceutical businesses, or medical sector manufacturers.

What is medical translation?

Medical translation is the specialist niche of the translation industry where text and documents relate to the medical sector.

It covers a broad range of industries and specialisations, such as translating information about drugs and pharmaceutical processes, product packaging, and product information for medical devices, as well as translating medical research documents, patient reports and more.

To ensure that translations are completely accurate, careful language control and knowledge of the particular medical sector are essential.

Where can medical translation services help out?

Our language experts can provide medical translations for the following documents.

Clinical trial reports

Clinical trials are important for pharmaceutical companies to bring new drugs and medical treatments to market.

However, these trials often need multilingual communication. Thus, they require accurate and effective translations in order to be successful.

Translation services for clinical trial reports allow pharmaceutical companies to overcome language barriers that can hinder the trustworthiness of their studies worldwide.

Consent forms

Ensuring patient consent is a key part of medical document processing and medical research. To support patients whose primary language is not English, medical institutions often require translation services for medical documents such as medical consent forms. Professional medical translations are an important component in medical studies, clinical trials and medical procedures as accurate translations ensure everyone involved understands the risks and responsibilities involved in the procedure or study.

Glossary of terminology

For securely translating all terminology used in the healthcare sector, qualified medical translators are necessary. With many years of experience and detailed knowledge of both the source and target culture, they can ensure that important terminology is correctly understood by all stakeholders involved. Professional translation services specifically designed for the medical sector can provide additional benefits such as adaptation to cultural nuances and tailoring services according to client requirements. Additionally, qualified medical translators are able to remotely handle large batches of text efficiently through the use of their advanced technology tools.

Information leaflets

Having up-to-date and accurate translations of medical information leaflets is essential in the medical sector. An experienced translation service can reliably provide translation services for the latest and most technical medical documents. The translation process ensures that local cultures, terminologies, and legal requirements are taken into consideration alongside industry standards to ensure that any medical translations meet the highest quality expectations. Working with an accomplished translation service will give peace of mind to those seeking expert translation and cultural adaptation of different language versions for information leaflets in the medical field.


Medical product labels with clear explanations and warnings of their potential side effects appear in particular medical sectors very frequently. However, when dealing with an international market, getting specialized translations is essential to properly inform consumers. An experienced medical translation service can help with any medical sector and make sure that the labels of your products are correctly translated into multiple languages.

Medical packaging

Ensuring medical products are understandable for those using them is crucial for patient safety. Having medical packaging translated into different languages can be a daunting task, but this is where our medical translation services come in. With specialised translators, our medical translations provide a precise and reliable translation that can make all the difference. An experienced medical translation service can help you bridge any gaps and ensure your medical products’ packaging is understood worldwide.

Patient records

Organizations and medical professionals across the globe are increasingly relying on certified medical translation services to accurately translate and manage medical documents in different languages. These services are a reliable and secure option for translating patient records, hospital documents and discharge summaries. With certified medical translators who are experts in their respective fields, you can be assured that the patient records will be translated with the utmost accuracy and diligence.

Pharmaceutical reports

Pharmaceutical reports are vital documents, containing important information about a patient’s health, the effects of prescribed medications, or the safety and efficacy of newly-developed drugs. As such, their content needs to be accurately communicated in different languages. To make sure that this happens, certified translation services provided by professional medical translation services agencies can come in very handy. Furthermore, such certified translation services offer quality support for compliance with international standards for regulatory protocols and documentation requirements.

Training manuals

When translating medical documents, accuracy is key for both patient safety and legal compliance. To help organizations achieve these goals, medical training materials should be translated effectively by a qualified medical translator. With carefully tailored solutions to different client scenarios and needs, professional translation services offer optimal accuracy when translating medical training manuals. From advising on cultural adaptations to guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, providers of medical training manual translation services are equipped to ensure today’s healthcare organizations have the resources necessary for success in a global context.

Medical equipment user manuals

Access to medical equipment user manuals in multiple languages can be critical for medical professionals, researchers and medical device manufacturers around the world. Medical translations require a high level of precision and accuracy, and it is important to ensure that the medical terminology remains consistent across all translations. This is why professional medical translation services are essential when translating medical equipment user manuals: certified translation services guarantee accurate medical language translations with a specialised understanding of medical documents that captures both the medical and cultural context correctly.

The benefits of using Global LTS for certified medical translation services.

In the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, the quality and accuracy of translations are of paramount importance because lives literally can depend on them.

We have over a decade of experience in delivering complex translation projects and have a team in place to handle your medical translations too.

What makes our medical translators the best in the UK and internationally?

Our medical translators meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 5 years as professional translators
  • Experience within the medical translations sector
  • Experience within the specific branch of the medical industry matching your sector

Knowledge and expertise

We’re aware that a medical translator needs to have a wealth of knowledge about medicine varying from biochemistry, physics, mathematics, pharmacology and more, to truly offer an excellent standard of medical translations.

Vast medical translations experience

Our medical translators are chosen for their experience, aptitude and qualifications.

They provide medical translation services on daily basis.

Their knowledge and experience help them understand healthcare professionals and healthcare providers, so they can provide an accurate translation that uses the correct and up-to-date terminology.

Medical specialisation

For each project, we source professionals with prior knowledge in the area of expertise required for the job at hand. We will match translators with your particular medical sector, whether you need to translate patient information research papers or medical records, or pharmaceutical production instructions, we have the team for you.

A vast network of professional medical translators

When you work with Global LTS, you are tapping into our network of thousands of tried and trusted professional medical translators.

All of our expert translators working on medical translations have at least five years of experience working as translation specialists within the medical industry.

And the ones we choose for medical projects will have the appropriate training, qualifications and experience to understand medical terminology and have a full appreciation of the issues involved.

Certified Medical Translation Services

We offer certified medical translations. We ensure that all translations adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and precision by using only experienced translators specialized in the particular branch of medicine reflecting your sector’s needs.

We follow the rules and guidelines related to certified translation and can issue a signed Certificate of Accuracy.

ISO 17100:2015 certified

All our medical translation processes are certified to the standard ISO 17100:2015 certified.


Medical translations fall into two broad categories: material aimed at medical professionals, and that is written for laypeople such as patients and their families.

In the first instance, our translator will have the knowledge of specialist terminology and be able to use the exact terms understood by medical professionals speaking the target language.

For patient-facing materials, a high level of linguistic skill is required in order to put the message across in a way that is easily understood and takes cultural sensitivities into account.

If you have a medical or pharmaceutical translation requirement, please contact us to discuss your project.

Medical Translation Services Case Studies

Interact logo

Category: Medical Translation Services
Description: Written Translation
Client: Interact Medical

Size of project: Ongoing translation – daily projects

Interact Medical is a preeminent medical locum agency, revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals and organizations connect. They specialise fulfilment of doctor jobsnursing agency jobs and all other healthcare locums

We have been providing the translation of criminal record checks, residence proofs, education diplomas and certificates. Each translated document includes our Certificate of Accuracy, guaranteeing its accuracy and quality.

Category: Medical Translation Services
Description: Written Translation & Multilingual Voiceover
Client: Shire Plc.

Size of project: 2,000 words script and voiceover recording

The Shire team was intent on raising awareness for Fosrenol, so they created an animation to showcase how the medication can be used optimally. This animated video was specifically crafted for healthcare providers and contains technical medical language.

Our team crafted a translation of the script with precision and care, and we recorded the multilingual voiceover for the animation.

Category: Medical Translation Services
Description: Written Translation into French, German, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese
Client: Shire Plc.

Size of project: 40,000 words 

When the Shire team were working on promoting their drug Equasym, they needed to translate an extensive manual on how to best use the drug. The manual was aimed at medical professionals and was using medical jargon.

Colgene logo

Category: Medical Translation Services
Description: Written Translation into French, German, Spanish and Italian.
Client: Celgene Corporation

Size of project: 110,000 words 

Celgene needed an expert e-learning program translation to ensure accuracy and clarity. Our medical translators ensured that not only was the translation accurate and free-flowing but also effectively operated within the client’s e-learning platform.


Translation of texts related to medical or pharmaceutical industries including brochures, device documentation, user guides, drug data sheets, and clinical and regulatory documentation.

In the UK translation agencies can issue a certificate of accuracy for the medical translations they provide. In other countries, you might have to use sworn translators.

To provide the highest quality of medical translation, a translator must possess an expansive understanding of medicine including but not limited to biochemistry, physics, mathematics, and pharmacology.

Delivery times will depend on the size of the project. Please reach out to us so that we can discuss your unique translation needs. Global LTS is the ideal partner for your translation needs; our native translators provide top-notch quality translations that stay within budget and meet tight deadlines, even with quick turnaround requests.

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