Packaging Translation

The type of wording on packaging can vary from product to product and might include descriptions, lists of dos and don’ts, ingredients and many other short but important phrases. It is very important to make sure packaging is translated by a native speaker to ensure it has a professional image and doesn’t look like a dodgy import. Global LTS can provide native language translators to make sure your international packaging is note perfect

Category: Marketing

Description: Packaging translation

Clients: Toxic Creative Agency

Source Languages: English

Target Languages: French, Spanish, German

The agency end client on this project was a manufacturer of pens that had produced a new calligraphy gift set. They needed to translate all of the copy on the packaging into the target languages, along with an instruction manual.

The packaging featured some simple descriptions, such as the title “Calligraphy Gift Set” and a list of contents (“Contains 4 calligraphy pens, 12 assorted colour ink cartridges” etc) which nevertheless needed to be translated exactly so that it would read naturally, as if written in the native language.

Our marketing translators used their skills to deliver exactly the right words. We also provided translations of the maintenance instructions, again using native language translators to achieve a perfect result that would not jar with the reader.

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