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Manufacturing services

Welcome to Global LTS, where our expertise lies in the manufacturing industries, delivering comprehensive Manufacturing Translation Services and beyond. In this globalised world, your manufacturing capabilities create boundless opportunities, and it’s vital to ensure your message resonates on a global scale.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation or an innovative start-up within the manufacturing or automotive industry, you have a unique narrative to convey.

But how do you guarantee that your story maintains its original intent across diverse languages, multiple markets and cultures? This is precisely where our specialised manufacturing translations come into the picture.

Our mission is to assist you in forging meaningful connections with your international markets. Whether launching a new product, venturing into new global markets, or striving to communicate with a multicultural workforce, we’re here to support you.

Delve deeper to understand how our Manufacturing Translation Services and our suite of other services can propel your business to success in the global arena. We’re thrilled to have you with us and look forward to aiding you in broadening your global reach.

Our Manufacturing Translation Services

As part of our comprehensive Manufacturing Translation Services at Global LTS, we offer a wide range of industry specific terminology translation services tailored to meet the unique needs of the manufacturing industry. Here’s a closer look at the types of materials we can translate for you:

Technical Document Translation

  • Data Sheet Translation: Our expert linguists are proficient in translating data sheets, converting complex technical information into understandable content for global audiences.
  • Product Specifications Translation: We translate your detailed specifications, ensuring your products’ unique features and benefits are accurately communicated worldwide.
  • Technical Reports Translation: We translate technical reports, ensuring the precision of your research findings and technical analyses across languages.

Employee-Focused Translation

  • Employee Handbook Translation: Our services include translating employee handbooks and fostering a unified understanding of your company’s policies and procedures in a multicultural workspace.
  • Employee Manual Translation: We convert your employee manuals into multiple languages, ensuring all your staff have access to critical operational procedures, regardless of their linguistic backgrounds.
  • Training Materials Translation: We translate your training materials, ensuring every employee has the resources to perform their role to the best of their ability.

Safety and Regulatory Translation

  • Health and Safety Documents Translation: Our linguists are well-versed in translating health and safety documents, maintaining the utmost importance of clear and compliant safety instructions in every language.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets Translation: We translate your Material Safety Data Sheets precisely and carefully, ensuring your global operations align with international safety standards.
  • Regulatory Documentation Translation: We translate regulatory documents, ensuring your business operations comply with local laws and regulations in every market you operate.
  • Safety Procedures Translation: We translate safety procedures precisely, ensuring your global workforce understands and adheres to your company’s safety standards.

Patent and Intellectual Property Translation

  • Patents and Patent Applications Translation: Our team is skilled in translating patents and patent applications, safeguarding your intellectual property rights in every jurisdiction.

Marketing and PR Translation

  • Press Releases and PR Materials Translation: We translate your press releases and PR materials, ensuring your company’s news and announcements resonate with international audiences.
  • Product Labelling and Packaging Translation: We translate your product labels and packaging, ensuring your products meet local regulatory requirements and are culturally appropriate for each market.

Operational Manual Translation

  • Service, Maintenance, and Policy Manuals Translation: Our linguists translate your service, maintenance, and policy manuals, ensuring your global customers can maintain and manage your products correctly and efficiently.
  • User Manuals and Operating Instructions Translation: We translate user manuals and operating instructions, making sure your customers worldwide can safely and effectively use your products.

If you have a requirement for specialist technical documentation to be translated accurately, look at our technical translation services.

At Global LTS, we are committed to providing high-quality translation services that meet the unique needs of manufacturing companies. We look forward to helping your business communicate effectively and succeed globally.

Industries We Serve

At Global LTS, we pride ourselves on providing expert translation services to various industries. Our professional translators have the expertise and industry knowledge to ensure an accurate translation and effective communication across multiple sectors.

Here are just a few of the industries we serve:

  • Aerospace: We provide translations of technical documents, manuals, and product specifications that meet the demanding standards of the aerospace industry.
  • Automotive: From user manuals to product descriptions, our translations help automotive companies connect with their global customer base.
  • Medical Devices: We translate technical specifications, user guides, and regulatory documents for medical device manufacturers.
  • Semiconductors: Our services for the semiconductor industry include translations of technical documentation, training materials, and product data sheets.
  • Electronics: We translate user manuals, product specifications, and marketing materials for electronics manufacturers.
  • Home Appliances: Our team translates user guides, product manuals, and safety instructions for home appliance manufacturers.
  • Pharmaceuticals: We provide translations for pharmaceutical companies, including clinical trial documents, regulatory submissions, and product labels.
  • Energy and Utilities: Our translations help energy companies communicate effectively with international customers and stakeholders.
  • Manufacturing: From product manuals to safety procedures, we provide translations that meet the specific needs of manufacturing companies.
  • Technology and IT: We translate software manuals, user guides, and technical documents for technology companies.

This list is not exhaustive. No matter your industry, Global LTS is committed to providing high-quality translation services that meet your needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about language services and how we can support your global communication efforts.

Why Choose Global LTS for Manufacturing Translation Services?

When it comes to manufacturing translation and localization services, Global LTS stands out as your optimal choice. We are an ISO 17100-certified agency, offering a blend of quality, expertise, extensive language coverage, and efficient service delivery that truly sets us apart.

Here’s a closer look at what makes us the ideal partner for your global communication needs:

Exceptional Quality of Work

Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that every translation project and website localization that we undertake meets the highest standards of accuracy and fluency.

As an ISO 17100-certified agency, we adhere to international standards for translation services, providing you with confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional, professional translations.

We understand the technical complexities of the manufacturing industry and are dedicated to delivering translations that precisely convey the original technical content.

Experienced Translators

Our team of over 3000 translators consists of professional linguists and subject matter experts who have extensive experience in various manufacturing fields.

They possess the knowledge and expertise to handle all your various technical translation and translation requirements, ensuring a linguistically accurate and technically precise translation.

Extensive Language Coverage

With the ability to translate into over 120 languages, our technical translation services ensure that your manufacturing company can communicate effectively with international markets.

Our vast language coverage allows us to cater to a broad spectrum of global audiences, facilitating your reach into new and diverse markets.

Speed and Efficiency of Service

Our translation process is designed for efficiency. We leverage next-generation language technologies and automated quality assurance checks to ensure a fast and accurate translations turnaround time without compromising quality.

This way, you can accelerate your international business growth while maintaining the integrity of your brand message.

Choose Global LTS for your professional translation services and navigate the global manufacturing landscape confidently and easily. We’re here to support your business as it expands into a new international market.

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Whether you’re just exploring the idea or ready to embark on your global journey, we’re here to provide the guidance and services you need.

Contact Global LTS today and discover how our professional translation services can help you connect with international audiences efficiently and effectively. We look forward to partnering with you on your global expansion journey.


We believe translation goes beyond simply converting text from one language to another. Our skilled linguists are also cultural experts who understand the cultural nuances and contexts of the languages they translate.

We strive to preserve the essence of your message while ensuring it resonates with your international audience.

Absolutely! We provide translation services in over 120 languages. Our team consists of professional linguists from around the globe, enabling us to offer linguistically accurate and technically precise translations for a wide range of languages.

We have a large team of professional linguists and subject matter experts who can efficiently handle large volumes of translation work.

Regardless of the size of the project, we maintain our commitment to delivering high-quality translations within the agreed timeframe. If you have a large project, contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll provide a tailored solution.

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