German, French and English Simultaneous Interpreting in Northamptonshire

Looking over the projects we’ve done recently there have been many interesting jobs including face-to-face interpreting,  80,000 words of medical translation into 5 languages, lots of marketing text translations and multiple urgent legal translations.

However, today we’d like to talk about a Simultaneous Interpreting job we did for Collingwood Group.

We covered the art of simultaneous interpreting in previous blog and we’d like to talk about it today again because simultaneous interpreting is such an amazing skill.

Interpreters need to continuously listen to the speaker, convert the message in their head to the target language and speak at the same time.

One of our clients, Collingwood Group,  were organising a multilingual conference. It was an annual meeting for their staff, and as they have teams in UK, Germany and France, they have decided to use interpreters for the presentations and the Q&A session.

It was crucial to avoid any delays in the interpretation process, so we decided to set the equipment up in the same way as it’s done for the UN conference interpreting. 

We had three booths with two interpreters per booth. Each booth was linked to a different language channel, so booth one was for English speaking delegates, booth two for German speakers, and booth three for French speakers.

Each of the six interpreters were fluent and experienced in the three required languages, therefore, they were able to interpret for their relative audience regardless of which language was spoken during the presentation.

The event was a great success, and here’s what our client said about the experience:

“I recently organised our first international company meeting. Global LTS offered and delivered a truly exceptional service. The interpreters were of the highest calibre, totally professional and very easy to work with. They definitely helped us to achieve our aim of bringing the whole company together at the same time. The organisation was faultless from start to finish and the company’s experience and expertise were clearly evident.  I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Global LTS to others and look forward to working with them again in the near future.”


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