Product Localisation

If you are selling into export markets, you will want to be sure your product is fully localised. This could include packaging translation, the product itself or the language used in software such as on-screen information, settings menus etc.

Another aspect is renaming a product or translating a slogan or tagline. In these cases, you need to be sure of using translators who are marketing-minded and fully aware of cultural sensitivities.

Global LTS uses native speaking translators with experience in your sector and the appropriate skills for the type of translation required.

Case Study

Category: Technical

Description: Product localisation

Clients: Sonar Test Limited

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Chinese, Hungarian, Polish, Russian

Project: End user software translation

This project involved translating on-screen instructions for ultrasound scan software. The wording was contained in user menus and on buttons, settings etc.

For each language, the translator worked on a formatted XLF file. This made it easy for the software coders to see which pieces of text replaced the original English phrases

Case Study

Category: Marketing

Description: Product Localisation


Source Language: English

Target Languages: Various

Project: Mobile game descriptions

BitBull has been designing and marketing games for mobile phones since the earliest days of smartphones. For this project we provided translations of game descriptions that appear in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This required the use of native speakers to make sure the descriptions in the target languages make sense to readers and sell the game in an appealing way.

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