Contract Translation

Contract translation service is usually needed during contract negotiations or contract disputes. 

This is when precision and efficiency in translation is paramount. Every word matters and needs to be an accurate representation of the source document.


We help our clients with contract translation with our professional legal translators working into their native language.

Our contract translation services

Our legal translation services are set up to help you with localisation of your contracts, so you do business with global partners without delay.

We are an ISO accredited agency. We currently hold a certification for ISO 17100 which is especially designed for translation agencies. This ensures our processes are set up to achieve the highest translation quality on consistent basis.

Our full range of language translation services will help you with delivering your contracts in over 120 languages.

We have access to a huge network for legal translators who specialise in contract translation. They have the legal knowledge and understanding of the local legal systems in order to create a fit-for-purpose contract translation.

Get in touch if you have a contract translation need, and our team will help you create multilingual versions of your contract.

How we approach the consistency of terminology with contract translation?

We have adopted the latest technology in translation memory software which stores all previously translated material. Our translators see all this resource during translation process and can choose to use the text from previous translation projects as long as it still fits the context.

This ensures that the same terminology is used throughout all your contract templates, terms and conditions, and privacy policies. Even if contracts are translated separately the translated texts use the same terminology. Translated contracts will use the same words as in all other translated legal documents.

It is crucial that the contract translation maintains consistent terminology. If you update your contracts on regular basis, using consistent terminology in all your contract versions will ensure clarity in the translated contracts.  

Consistency benefits with Global LTS contract translation:

  • The same terminology is used throughout the entire document
  • The same terminology is used after updates and reviews
  • Translation terminology is maintained between documents
  • Terminology is maintained throughout the years
  • Glossaries are maintained in all translated text


How we ensure accuracy of terminology with contract translation?

Accurate translation of legal documents, and especially contracts, is paramount and we only ever use professional translators with minimum 5 years of experience.

We have access to thousands of translators specialising in contract translations and legal translations. Thanks to their experience, our translators have a very good knowledge of both the English and the target country legal systems.  

These translators will work into their native languages. They have full understanding of the translated material, will create translation that is flowing naturally and the translated contract is structured correctly for the target audience.

How to overcome contract translation challenges?

According to Contract Counselthe three main challenges of contract translation are language subjectivity, differences in legal systems between countries and subject matter complexities.

Language is not objective – it often happens that words don’t have their direct equivalent in other languages. Which means translators need to use more than one word to convey the same meaning. For this reason, we only use professional legal translators for your contract translation projects. They have experience in which phrases and clauses work best in the target countries and languages.

Differences in legal systems –  For instance, France’s legal system is Civil Law and the United States’ legal system is Common Law. This can create situations where some clauses in translated contracts will not be applicable. Only professional legal translators will be able to create high quality contract translation.

Subject matter complexities – legal language is complex. However, when covering contracts for technical manufacturing deals or for pharmaceutical industry, the translators need to know both the legal and the scientific terminology to create high quality technical translation.


Examples of legal translation work:

Category: Legal

Description: Legal compliance

Clients: Hughes Technologies

Source Languages: French, Dutch, Romanian, Slovak, Russian, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish

Target Languages: English

Hughes Technologies is a leading supplier of broadband satellite terminals. Some of their clients include Tesco and BP garages, where their technology is used in customer payment systems.

Global LTS assists them whenever they receive legal documents from countries in which they operate their systems. This can include regulatory guidelines, new legislation etc. Our translators make sure the Hughes legal team has access to certified English translations of these documents. We sometimes translate from English back to the source language too when such correspondence is required.


Category: Legal Translation Services
Description: Written Translation
Client: Woodfines LLP

Size of the project: 5,000 words of Spanish to English translation

Woodfines is a firm of solicitors based in Bedford, Cambridge, and Milton Keynes, providing legal services for both commercial businesses and individuals.

Our cooperation started in 2017 and the most recent project involved translation of legal documents from Spanish into English.

Category: Legal Translation Services

Description: Written Translation of Case Documents

Clients: Heald Solicitors

Source Languages: Bengali, German

Target Languages: English

In this example, our customer had a client who was selling a business. To assist with the case, they needed a number of documents translated from Bengali and German to English.

The translation was carried out by a specialist legal translator to ensure that the translated document contained the correct terminology.

Category: Legal Translation Services

Description: Written Translation of Tender Documentation

Clients: Airborne Systems

Languages: French to English translation & English to French translation


Airborne Systems is the world leader in the provision of military parachutes from design through manufacture.

Airborne Systems is the world leader in the provision of military parachutes from design through manufacture.
We have helped Airborne Systems with a tender process. The inital French tender documentation was reviewed at the client’s offices. After the initial assessment, the most crucial parts were translated from French into English. And, the Airborne Systems’ reply to the tender was translated from English into French.

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