What would you do if your new potential client wanted to draft the contract in a foreign language?

Would you feel comfortable with them to put the correct clauses in as per your agreement or would you insist on having an English version of the contract only which could be difficult to agree on?

We all too often take for granted that English is the global business language, but many clients or suppliers will not sign contracts which are not in their native language.

The belief that everybody speaks English is incorrect and we’ve touched on this issue in this blog post.

This is the sort of situation where having a trusted business translation services partner would be beneficial.

Someone who can provide language coverage for all European, Asian, Middle Eastern, South American and African languages would ensure you’re covered for whatever translation emergency you might have.

This is exactly something we can help with and we do help our clients to sort out many contractual agreements thanks to our translation services.

On a recent project for a high tech manufacturer, we have helped with legal translation in three Eastern European countries at the same time. We have initially translated the NDAs so the necessary changes could be done.

Once the client’s legal team amended the English version, we have transferred these changes to the original foreign versions of the documents so they could be sent back to the clients to be signed.

If you’re interested in learning more about this sort of work, please check out our website and especially the legal translation page or the contract translation page.

On another occasion, we’ve placed a professional translator at the client’s premises so they were able to go through an entire tender document with the client in French in order to pick up the most important parts of the document for translation.

Later on, once the reply to the tender was ready, we’ve assisted them with translating it into French before sending out.

Therefore, if you are planning on working with clients or suppliers from overseas, it is a good idea to have a translation process in place as early as possible backed by a reliable certified translation partner.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss how our translation services can help your brand being promoted abroad and how we can help with negotiating foreign version contracts.

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