Face to Face interpreting

Where translators work with the written word, interpreters work face-to-face, often in live situations such as meetings, interviews, negotiations and court proceedings. It is a very specialised skill that even most fluent bilingual speakers find difficult.

Global LTS can help you find the best specialist interpreter for your requirement. Using our database and network of contacts we can provide you with an interpreter who is both skilled and reliable.

Case Study

Category: Legal

Description: Face-to-face interpreting

Clients: Adams Moore Solicitors

Source Languages: Tamil

Target Languages: English

Many legal cases require interpreters as well as text translation. Global LTS can assist here: our network includes experienced, reliable interpreters. When Adams Moore Solicitors needed to find an interpreter to work in the Tamil language for a family law case, they approached Global LTS. We sourced an interpreter who was able to attend their office and help them communicate with the Tamil speaker.

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