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At the heart of our business are our translators. We rely on them to provide the high quality translation and interpreting services, so our network of over 3,000 translators is a crucial part of the business. How do we manage it and why it is so large?


We have a process in place for adding new resources to our translator network. It is a process focused on reviewing credentials of new members and their expertise. Every translator and interpreter has to have a minimum of two years of professional experience and also have education in the field of translation. So the first step is to confirm that they meet these criteria. As we put our clients’ trust in their hands, we need to be sure they are the right candidate for the role.


Secondly, we establish translator’s area of expertise. Most of translators have one or two fields that they specialise in and do most of their work in. This helps them to become better at translating those texts and more efficient. They are up to date with the new developments in their fields, and have full understanding of frequently used acronyms and the industry jargon. The areas of expertise range from medical industry, pharmaceutical, automotive, marketing, through to highly specialist fields within these fields; and we as a business try to collate the widest breadth of knowledge so we can service our clients’ needs.


This means, that for every language we cover (link to we have tens if not hundreds of translators with different specialist knowledge. That is why our network contains over 3,000 translators and is constantly growing.


In addition, our translators translate only into their native language. This is crucial as truly only native speakers fully understand the language nuances and all underwriting cultural norms that affect a language. Therefore, French to English translation will be performed by a different person than English into French, and this in turn leads us even further into expanding of our network.


Also, our clients’ demand for translation services changes on daily basis, so it is vital that we are able to supply them regardless of how many documents they need to have translated.


As you can see our translator network is hugely important and maintaining and growing it is one of our top priorities. We focus on this, so we can fulfil any requirements you might have and use best possible talent for your translation projects.


Therefore, don’t hesitate to get in touch regardless of what translation requirement you might have. Whether you need your brochures translated, or if you require user guides manuals for medical equipment to be translated into a dozen language, we can help.

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