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User Guide Translation Services

It is very important and often required by law to offer buyers and users of your products the instructions for use in their local language. Our user guide translation services will help you with creating multilingual versions of your user manuals and IFUs.

User guide manuals explain how to operate the tools and equipment. These are crucial instructions on how to use the equipment and avoid the risk of injury as well as getting the best out of your tools.  

Our translation services for user manuals

Our user guide manuals translation services are set up to help you with localisation of your instructions for use, so your users have all the information they need in their native language.

Our full range of language translation services will help you with delivering your material in over 120 languages, so you can offer your user guides to audiences around the world in their native languages.

How to improve the consistency of terminology with user manual translation?

We have adopted the latest technology in translation memory software which stores all previously translated material. Our translators see all this resource during translation process and can choose to use the text from previous translation projects as long as it still fits the context.

This ensures that the same terminology is used throughout your manual translation and throughout all your copy. Even if documents are translated separately the translated texts use the same terminology. Translated Instructions for Use will use the same words as your marketing or any other translated copy.

It is crucial that the user guide manual translation maintains consistent terminology. These manuals are often updated throughout the lifetime of the product and translation consistency will ensure that users are not confused with different words being used to describe how to use the tools.

Even if your last translation was done years ago, we can still use it and maintain the same terminology in all your required foreign language translations. So, your audience will not be confused by multiple phrases describing the same subject and will result in better understanding of the translated information material.

Consistency benefits with Global LTS user guide translation:

  • The same terminology is used throughout the entire document
  • The same terminology is used after updates and reviews
  • Translation terminology is maintained between documents
  • Terminology is maintained over the years
  • Glossaries are maintained in all translated text

How we ensure accuracy of terminology with translated user guide manuals?

Accurate translation of user guide manuals is paramount and we only ever use professional translators with minimum 5 years of experience.

We have access to thousands of translators specialising in technical translation for user manuals translation and instructions for use who will have experience in your particular industry.

These translators will work into their native languages, so they will have full understanding of the translated material and will be creating translation that is flowing naturally in the target language.

The translated instructions for use within the user guides will be created with the understanding of the target audience’s cultural norms, language structures, local terminology and idiomatic expressions.

The translated instructions will be clear, precise and consistent with the source document.  

Translation of Information for Use for medical equipment


The European market is very important for medical equipment companies. However, even though the harmonized regulatory process and CE certification allow for trading with 32 countries, there are 24 official languages.

Therefore, translation of Information for Use (IFU) should be considered carefully. The European States require the medical IFUs to be presented in the local languages, so you should have a trusted translation partner for your medical translation needs when you enter these markets.

Even if you focus only on the 5 biggest markets, you’ll need to create the multilingual IFUs for clients in German, Italian, French, Spanish, and English languages.

Examples of User Guide Manuals and IFU translation:

Dental IFU translation example

Client: Perfection Plus Ltd

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Dutch, French, German, Greek, Polish and Spanish

Specialisation: Medical translation for dentistry industry

Perfection Plus Ltd have been manufacturing and distributing medical products for over 40 years.  As they operate in over 50 countries, they require translation of their medical equipment Information for Use into multiple languages. This work needed experienced translators with medical knowledge specialising in dentistry equipment. 


Technical user manual translation example

Client: Gericke AG

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Polish

Specialisation: Technical translation of manuals for powder processing systems

Gericke AG had a requirement for translating a set of user guide manuals and Instructions for Use into Polish. These instructions cover use and maintenance of magnetic separators, electric vibrators, pneumatic actuators, and many other tools. This work needed experienced translators with technical knowledge specialising in technical equipment. We delivered translated manuals in their original format including text for the technical drawings. 

Medical IFU translation example

Client: Stoddard Manufacturing Ltd

Source Language: English

Target Languages: German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish and Swedish

Specialisation: Medical translation for dentistry industry

This manufacturer of medical equipment required translation for their Information for Use into multiple languages. As with any medical translation, this work needed experienced translators with medical knowledge specialising in dentistry equipment. 

Technical User Guide Manual Translation

Client: Sinclair International

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Japanese, Serbian, Spanish (Latin American)

Size of project: 60 pages; 7,500 words

This manufacturer of labelling machines had an operator manual that needed to be translated for workers in other territories who were operating the same model of machine.

This was a very detailed manual with many diagrams and images along with text. It was very important that technical terms were translated using the correct terminology so that it all made perfect sense to the reader.

We made sure that experienced manufacturing translators were appointed to work on the project. Each of them was able to fully understand all of the descriptions and terms in the the original English manual and translate it to their native language.

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