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What is Legal Translation?

Legal translation is an extremely specialised area.

Not only can translators be working with two completely different languages and cultures, but they are also having to take into account the vast differences that exist between the legal systems.

Legal sector translations can be required in many situations, from a report in a legal inquiry with highly technical details, right through to wills and university diplomas.

Common Legal Documents that Require Translation Services

Examples of legal translation include:

  • Court documents about a legal case
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Business contracts
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Disclaimers
  • Financial reports
  • Legal rulings and precedents
  • Official reports
  • Patent applications
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Transcripts
  • Witness statements

Why is Legal Translation important?

When documents are being used for legal proceedings and contractual obligations, it is imperative to ensure that they have been translated correctly and adhere to the highest possible standard.

When translating legal documents, you should know the terminology is completely and accurately translated, otherwise any agreement or contract may be misleading or unenforceable.

Why is legal translation difficult?

It is often the case that concepts and terminology which exist in one country’s law have no direct equivalent in another country.

Translators have to work on converting linguistic concepts and aligning legal concepts at the same time.

There is no room for ambiguity with legal translations. Even the most simple error can cause a legal document to become void, with the possibility of enormous legal and financial implications.

This is why anyone would be extremely ill-advised in attempting to cut corners when translating legal documents and contracts.

You need to use appropriately qualified professionals and avoid machine translation.

Legal translators need a legal background and a working knowledge of both legal systems, as well as cultural sensitivity and excellent linguistic skills.

Benefits of Global LTS Professional Legal Translators

Global LTS is a translation agency specialising in the legal translations of documents.

With an impressive track record of delivering outstanding legal translation services, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the translation industry.

We cover many areas from wills, contracts, marriage certificates, claim letters, litigation documents, court documents, insurance reports and more. Essentially we can help with all legal translations.

Native speakers

At Global LTS, we draw upon the talents of over 3,000 experienced translators worldwide, so we can fulfil your legal translations with a suitable legal translator.

We only use translators with appropriate legal expertise, which is why we can provide Certified Translation Services.

As an experienced translation services company in the United Kingdom specializing in legal documents translation services, we only work with the best legal experts.

We only pick highly skilled and experienced translators with the most appropriate experience for your project.


We are well aware that when we translate legal documents, there can under no circumstances be any errors. Any mistake made in a translation could have serious implications for our clients.

Our translation services are specifically tailored to each client, and our translators are experts in their fields.

Our legal translators are fluent in their mother tongue and various other languages. They translate into their native language and also have a deep understanding of the local legal system and including legal jargon.

ISO 17100 Accredited

When you need to translate legal documents, you are putting a lot of trust in the chosen linguists.

With our ISO 17100:2015 certification that specifically addresses translation services, we have processes in place to ensure we provide the highest professional translation services to our customers.

Over a decade of experience

Legal document translation is a highly sensitive area for translation and we’ve been providing accuratequick and efficient translation services since 2010.

Our team are incredibly skilled legal sector experts, and they can translate legal documents to a very high-quality standard.

Our translators are well-trained in the niche ambiguities which legal translations hold. They provide a trusted and reliable service and also come with the relevant experience and qualifications to give you peace of mind when it comes to the legal translation of sensitive documents.

Fully confidential translations of legal documents

It is very important for us to protect the confidential data and information you want to use. Every document will remain protected by our strict data privacy policies.

We have entered into arrangements with companies where the utmost confidentiality must be maintained. Trusting us in translating your legal documents means you have peace of mind.

How our legal translation services can assist you?

All legal documents translated by Global LTS can be certified

We can also arrange for the translated legal documents to be notarised if this is required.

We provide more than just translation services. 

Our specialist team is composed of experienced in their respective areas, including proofreaders and interpreters

Our legal document translation services

Certified Legal Documents Translations

Get your documents authenticated by our cost-effective professional Legal Translation Services. Our notary partners are available upon request to assist with notarization of legal document translation. Check out our certified translation services page for more details on this service.

Patent Translations

We can provide patent translations, which are suitable for intellectual property applications anywhere in the world. 

Our specialist patent translators are experts in the technical wording needed for patent offices across the globe.

Patent filings are incredibly important for either a company or a person who needs to protect their product or invention, this could be a physical item or even a process. If it is imperative to your business and is an original idea, then it will be eligible to be patented.

A patent filing is a long, complex process, which is complicated if it has international applications. If so, you will be required to send an application to an organisation or authority before being able to apply for a patent. 

To file a patent, you will need to write out a clear, concise description of your intention, meanwhile mentioning what makes it unique, and what parts of it need protecting. You have to also file applicationspay fees, and make sure you meet the many patent deadlines associated with this.

Corporate Law Translations

For our corporate law translations, we only use translators who have experience in corporate law. Whatever the document, our legal translation team ensure that the translated materials are highly compliant with the rules and regulations of the countries of both the original and translated documents.

Intellectual Property Translations

Just as we understand the importance of patents, we know how vital it is to protect your intellectual property. Our IP translation services are second to none, and our team ensure that your IP rights are safe and protected across the globe.

IP is more than just patent translations. There is a myriad of nuances involved with legal translations, particularly regarding paperwork needed abroad. 

Legal and financial documents translation services

Our high-quality financial and legal translation service is a specialized service.

Our translators are experienced professionals with expertise in both the source and target languages and knowledge of the respective countries laws and regulations. They are also highly adept at delivering accurate translations within a timely manner, ensuring all parties involved have access to reliable information quickly.


Regulations for legal translators

Regulations for regular translators vary from country to country, but when undertaking a legal translation, there are additional rules and legislation which must be followed. 

Sworn translators

Certain countries require translators to be certified by the state for legal translations, and others require sworn translations, where translators must swear legal oaths, alongside taking exams and becoming qualified. This is to ensure that sworn translators who translate legal documents are competent and able translators.

Moreover, other countries might require a legally trained professional to certify legal translations which are undertaken. 

Certified translation in UK

In the UK, translators are not required to undertake any examinations or obtain qualifications to become legal translators. However, here at Global LTS, our legal translators are of the highest quality and we can provide certified translations

Law and a country’s legal system differ for many reasons- whether it is related to the structure of their political system, or even their culture.

Our translators therefore will understand the technical legal terms required to create documents.

Each legal system has developed its legal expressions and language which will be unique to its jurisdiction. Moreover, there are different laws at the national level applying to areas such as media, finance, manufacturing, technology etc.

Legal translations aren’t just for law firms or multinational companies. Many people don’t think about it, but the likes of terms and conditions are also thought of as legal text.

Legal translation generally refers to the translation of written words. There are of course many cases where an interpreter is required for face-to-face work or perhaps to interpret over the phone. In these cases, we can also help source an appropriately experienced interpreter.

If you have a legal translation requirement, please contact us to discuss your project.

Legal Translation Services Case Studies


Category: Legal Translation Services
Description: Written Translation
Client: Hughes Network Systems

Hughes Network Systems is the global leader in broadband satellite technology and services for homes and offices.

We help them with communication with their global partners and countries by providing translation services for their legal and financial documents.

Our cooperation started in 2010 and recent projects include translation between English and Hungarian, Polish, French, Russian, Estonian, German and Italian.


Category: Legal Translation Services
Description: Written Translation
Client: Woodfines LLP

Size of the project: 5,000 words of Spanish to English translation

Woodfines is a firm of solicitors based in Bedford, Cambridge, and Milton Keynes, providing legal services for both commercial businesses and individuals.

Our cooperation started in 2017 and the most recent project involved the translation of legal documents from Spanish into English.

Category: Legal Translation Services

Description: Written Translation of Case Documents

Clients: Heald Solicitors

Source Languages: Bengali, German

Target Languages: English

In this particular case, our client was helping their customer in the process of selling their business. In order to build their proposal, they required various files translated from Bengali and German into English.

To guarantee that the proper legal jargon was included, an expert translator with a wealth of knowledge in law translated the document.

Category: Legal Translation Services

Description: Written Translation of Tender Documentation

Clients: Airborne Systems

Languages: French to English translation & English to French translation

Airborne Systems stands apart as the global frontrunner in providing top-tier military parachutes, from innovation to production.

Airborne Systems successfully navigated the new-client tender process with our assistance. During a visit to the client’s offices, our team conducted an in-depth review of the French tender documents. Following a thorough evaluation, the most pivotal elements were accurately translated from French to English. Airborne Systems submitted a response in French to the tender after a thorough translation from English.


Translation of documents within the legal sector. Legal translation services require translators to be familiar with the legal terminology used in the source and target languages. Most legal texts are exact and technical requiring the translator to be precise and accurate.

Judges and courts make decisions based on the meaning of words, so the translation of legal texts is paramount. Legal and complex terminology is specific to each country and sometimes that terminology doesn’t exist in other languages. In these cases, the translator has to convert the meaning of the text so it is understood in the target language.

Yes, legal translation requires specialist legal translators who understand the legal system in the source and target countries. Only translators with appropriate education and experience can deliver high-quality translations in the legal field.

  • Native experienced translators with legal industry knowledge.
  • Expert legal translation services
  • Accurately translated documents delivered on time
  • ISO Certified

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