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Certified TranslationGlobal LTS is a highly experienced, top quality translation services provider in the UK. We offer a range of certified translations in many languages to all our clients: from individuals, SMEs and multinationals. Our network of 3,000 qualified professional translators cover more than 120 languages.


We have carried out business for individuals and organisations from across the globe, providing them with fully certified translations in UK and around the world.


We provide certified translation services on legal documents, technical documents, medical and others.

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We tailor our translations with an individual approach and an in-depth knowledge of your specific business and situation.


Our certified translation services offer final documents that follow official guidelines and are recognised and accepted by government bodies such as the Home Office, Courts of Law, Educational Organisations and other such official institutions.



Different Ways to Certify Translation

Different countries have different translation requirements, but we have the knowledge and the expertise to deliver your translation needs.

Many countries make a request for an “official translation”, but what does this actually mean?

A translation can be certified, notarised or sworn. Below are the different types of translations that might be needed either in the UK or abroad.


Certified Translation in UK

In the UK, a certified translation is required for documents in other languages that need to be submitted to the government institutions.

Our services include providing a Certificate of Accuracy on a headed paper as specified by the certification guidelines found on gov.uk website.


This certification confirms that with our translation services we guarantee that your documents were translated by a professional translator and that the translation is an accurate representation of the original text.


Certificate of Accuracy

Our translations are recognised by key UK agencies including banks, universities, the Home Office, courts of law, etc.


A certified translation of documents is the translation of official papers such as university certificates, medical documents, contracts etc which must be translated accurately as per the UK Government guidelines. They must also be accompanied by a signed statement from an official translation agency.

This official translation means that these documents are now legally recognised and accepted by official bodies in the UK.


Documents usually requiring certified translation services are:

  • Administrative documents, such as public records (marriage certificates, criminal records etc.), private (references, contracts etc.) or academic (degree certificate, grade transcripts etc.)
  • Notarial deeds (such as house deeds)
  • Legal documents (judgements and verdicts etc.)

A certified translation in UK will include:

  • A Certificate of Accuracy, which will be signed and dated
  • The translation
  • The original document- this can be a photocopy as long as it is legible

Notarised Translation



A notarised translation follows an official procedure- it must be overseen by a notary who has authorisation from the government to carry out their services.

Translations can be provided by anyone who can declare that the translation is accurate, and they must sign an affidavit confirming this, with the notary witnessing the signing of the certificate.

The notary must also provide their stamp and signature with the translation.

Before making a request for this service, it’s best to check that the organisation that has made the request for this translation to understand which official translation services are required.


As the notary approving the document might not be a translator themselves, they will be unable to certify that the translation is accurate.

The key part for the notary public is not the quality of the translation (as if they do not speak the language, they will be unable to check this anyway), it is the identity of the translator so that they can be held accountable if necessary.

Their signature and stamp certify that the translator swore the accuracy of the translation and that the translator is who they claim to be.

In general, a notarised translation is accepted abroad, as a government appointee has certified the document.


Notarised translations normally are used for educational documents, which can include:

  • Diplomas
  • Degrees
  • Professional qualifications


An Apostille certified translation is for when the document will be used outside of the UK.

Similarly, the process must be witnessed by a notary, with the authentication from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Before making a request for this service, it’s best to check that the organisation the document is being sent to accepts this type of legalisation, and that the desired country has signed up to the Hague Convention.


Sworn Translation

This differs from certified translations in that the translator will have probably been awarded a degree in translator/interpretation and/or passed a specific exam in order to become accredited. The accreditation process depends on the country- in Spain, translators are accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. However, in France and Germany, the courts accredit translators, with translators in Italy being accredited by either consulates or courts.

This sort of translation is normally requested by courts for the likes of a divorce, criminal proceedings and other legal procedures. In addition, this sort of translation might be requested by organisations which require a higher degree of trust than can be achieved by normally certified translations, for example, embassies and consulates.

Sworn translations do not exist in the UK, and are usually requested by European countries.

Sworn translations should have the signature and seal of the sworn translator. They would say:

Signature: Mr/Mrs/Miss (including name and surname), Sworn interpreter of (language), certifies that the present document is a faithful and complete translation into (destination language) of a document originally written in (language of the original). In (location), on (date).

Seal: Name, the heading “sworn interpreter of…” or “sworn translator-interpreter of…” followed by the designated language, address, telephone number and, if applicable, fax

We have a large network of translators across the globe. Please contact us for further details to discuss your translation needs.

Why should you use Global LTS for certified translation services?

  • Quick turnaround times
  • High-quality standard of translation services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Actual human translations provided by native speakers
  • A dedicated account manager for your business
  • Cultural integration and a local approach
  • Highly trained and experienced translators
  • Expert translations for corporate and business sectors
  • Free Certificate of Accuracy


Our Translation Experts

Our translators are all fully qualified professional translators. They will be more than just native speakers- they will understand your business.

Global LTS’ translators use their years of expertise in translation across different industries to provide high quality, accurate translations.

They are technical experts across sectors, so please get in touch with us if you have a need for an industry specialist translator.


Experts in your industry

Translation isn’t just about translating documents word for word.

Here at Global LTS, we understand that sometimes a message or theme works in one language, but doesn’t translate into another in the same way.

This is why our translators are not just certified professionals, but have true industry experience, from medical translation to manufacturing translation and legal translation.

This contributes towards our promise of ensuring that we deliver your translation with accuracy and quality in your desired timelines.


Global LTS- More than just a translation agency

Here at Global LTS, we think of ourselves as being more than just a translation agency in the traditional sense.

In a conventional way, translation agencies manage and translate written text from one language to another. All this is done on behalf of their clients.

Some translation agencies may also have interpreting provisions as part of their services. We are more than the traditional translation agency. We are a language service provider, with a huge range of services. These include:


Contact us so you can find out how we can help your business today in a globalised world.

Global LTS- Translation Specialists- Our Promise

We interpret and translate documents and works for a number of industries. These include legal documents, technical documents, medical and others. We provide these services for SMEs, multinationals and individuals across the world. We make a promise to you- one simple promise. You will get a dedicated account manager, easing contact between you and us.

We’ll offer you a competitive price, with fast turnaround times and an accurate, and high-quality translation. We will promise that that your account manager will be an expert linguist, as well as being a specialist within your industry.

Not only this, but we’ll ensure that the linguist working on your project is a specialist within their given field. We’ve worked with many well-known international brands, and know from experience that our clients need individualised strategies and objectives, interwoven with accurate and professional translations.  We have team members who experts in their fields of marketing, technical, financial and legal translation services. They will ensure that all work is translated and interpreted professionally and to a high quality, irrespective of the industry to which the translation belongs.


Accurate and Fast

Here at Global LTS, we don’t just provide translations that are accurate and fast, but also well-priced. Our translation agency has simple solutions, developed through our many years of experience, which can assist our clients and their businesses in achieving their full potential and in turn reaching their potential clients. All our services are provided by actual native speakers and interpreters. We don’t use machine translations. This means our clients receive top quality translations, all localised for their specific markets.

Native Speakers

Today, translation services are a vital part of business across different business functions and industries. Business owners are quickly realising and appreciating the benefits that a professional translation agency can bring to their work. By employing a professional translation agency, businesses can enjoy the positive impact this will have on their revenue and brand perception.

Global LTS understands this, and we know that in order for our clients to achieve all this, translations must be more than just accurate. They must be culturally in sync with our clients, and as such, our translators are native speakers of their languages. This way we guarantee high quality work, with well-targeted materials that will appeal to the target audience.

Our  Expertise

We are a UK- based and growing translation agency. We have had the opportunity to work with clients based across the UK and across the world.

Whether it’s financial, marketing, technical, legal or medical industries, we’ve had experience in it.

Rest assured, when working with Global LTS, you will receive professional, accurate translations by our skilled linguists. Our translators are the language experts, with experience in specific sectors.

This is a key part of our business model- we believe that merely “speaking” a language isn’t enough.

Industries have their own phrases and jargon, and languages belong to their own cultures and have their own slang.

We understand your business sector will have these nuances, and maybe a challenge for someone to translate who doesn’t have the industry or sector experience.

Our expert translators will not just understand your required language but will have knowledge of the jargon specific to your industry.

Industry and sector expertise, native linguists, and quick and accurate translations have meant that we are in the position to provide high-quality translation services to our clients.

If you have something that needs translating, or would like to chat more about your project and expectations in more detail, please contact us for a confidential conversation.


Translation Services in more than 120 languages

Global LTS works with over 3,000 professional translators and cover over 120 languages from all across the world.

We know different languages work better in different markets and industries.

As such, we’re always expanding our network of native linguists to make sure that we can keep up to date with the latest cultural trends.  As a result, we provide the best language translation solutions for our clients.

We can translate from and to English, as well as provide translation services from a combination of two languages.


Global LTS is a growing translation agency in the UK offering official translation services.

Our Head Office is located near Milton Keynes and is less than an hour from London.

We work with companies based in the UK, Europe and across the world to clients of all shapes and sizes. Our quality services are unrivalled, working with our clients on their translation journey. We’ve worked with many recognisable companies and the testimonials can be found here.

Certified Translation Case Studies

Interact logo

Category: Medical Translation
Description: Written Translation
Client: Interact Medical

Size of project: Ongoing translation – weekly projects

Interact Medical are one of the leading medical locum agencies. They specialise fulfilment of doctor jobs, nursing agency jobs and all other healthcare locums.

The translation for this client includes translation of education certificates, proofs of residence, diplomas and certificates. Every single translated document is accompanied with our Certificate of Accuracy.


Category: Legal Translation
Description: Written Translation
Client: Woodfines Solicitors

Size of project: Legal Statement

Woodfines is a firm of solicitors based in Bedford, Cambridge, and Milton Keynes, providing legal services for both commercial businesses and individuals.

The client required Arabic to English translation of a legal statement. Our translation was provided with the Certificate of Accuracy.


It is a translation done by a translation agency supplemented with a Certificate of Accuracy. In the UK most official agencies (banks, the Home Office, courts) will require Certificates of Accuracy for all translated documents to be accepted.

One page documents cost £65 plus VAT. Please get in touch if you require longer documents or if you require notarized translation, apostille translation or sworn translation.

With Global LTS we work with high-quality native translators to deliver your translations in budget and to tight timescales, being able to accommodate fast turnaround if needed. Please contact us to discuss your specific translation requirements.

It doesn’t exist in the UK, but in some European countries, translators can achieve sworn translator status and can certify their translation to be used in court or other official proceedings.

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