Multilingual voiceover for new drug awareness.

We have recently been involved in a project for one of the big pharmaceutical companies. It was a very interesting multilingual voiceover project.

The client have designed and developed a three minute animation explaining how to use the new drug they have released.

The animation was aimed at medical professionals and was an in-depth guide on the best uses of the drug, potential side effects, and the benefits over competitor products.

Our involvement was twofold. We were tasked with translating of the script and recording the multilingual voiceovers. The animation was being distributed in three different countries and voiceovers were required in French, Dutch and Italian.

As the project was aimed at medical personnel, the text was full of jargon and very specific terminology.

Therefore, we sourced translators with pharmaceutical knowledge and expertise out of our database of over 3,000 professional translators.

The client requested female voices which we appropriately sourced from our bank of professional voiceover artists.

We have also ensured that the recordings are timed to the original video in order to avoid the need to amend the video.

If you are working on a project that might require multilingual voiceovers, there are few tips we can share with you:

  • Prepare a timed script. This will help translators, voiceover artists and studio engineers with ensuring that the translated versions fit well with the video.
  • Translation often expands in volume; especially when translated into German or Spanish. Therefore, Spanish or German voiceover artists will need more time compared to the English version. So, prepare for this eventuality in advance, and make sure that the English version is not rushed and that there are pauses between sentence. This will allow for more flexibility with the translated versions.
  • Use native translators and native voice artists.

Following these three simple tips will considerably improve your multilingual voiceover projects and will help with avoiding potential issues.

If you are thinking about approaching global audiences with your videos and are looking for multilingual voiceover services, we would be delighted to help out.

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