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Would you like to know whether your international marketing works? Would you like to follow up on your overseas target audience to find out if they received your samples and brochures? If your answers are yes, but you’re limited by the internal resources and you don’t have multilingual staff, we can help.


We have recently touched on what translation you might need in order to break into a new market. You can read that post here (link to: what translation you will need…). We have discussed what marketing collateral you should have translated and in what order to maximise your return on the investment.

However, there is a service we haven’t covered yet which can be of great help in your overseas expansion. Essentially we are able to provide you with a way of communicating with your target audience directly over the phone. Our professional linguists can assist with this. We can add linguists to your team.


The service is easy to set up in three steps:

  • Project scope – how many days you’d need to do all the calls, what’s the nature of the call, what language is required.
  • Language resource – based on the project scope we’d assign foreign language speaker most suited to the job.
  • Multilingual calls – the linguist would be working from your office, so you’d have close relationship and could tweak the process if necessary to achieve the highest results.


The benefit is huge.

You will be able to follow up on your emails, letters and brochures. And you will be able to not only engage with your target audience in their native language, but will also be able to quickly find out if your services or products are of interest. This could save you a lot of time and money as you’d be able to focus on the groups which are genuinely interested in your offer.


The linguist making the calls will be able to find out if further communications can be done in English or will they have to continue in foreign language. This will allow you to plan accordingly and make sure you use your resources appropriately.


If you are considering expanding overseas do get in touch. We’ll help you with all your translation requirements and will be able to guide you through the process in order to achieve high return on investment.

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