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Manufacturing of goods is a complex process and requires precision and regular adjustments in order to achieve highest yield from the raw materials. This precision and attention to detail is also required for translation of documents related to manufacturing which often requires certified translation.

Our clients produce wide range of equipment ranging from high-tech military gear or satellites through to fountain pens. Whilst they manage the internal production processes and marketing activities, we manage their translations. You can visit our webpage to read more about our translation process and our approach to technical translation. However, in this post we’d like to focus on value added to our translation services that help with technical translation specifically for the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing translation requires an approach that creates consistency in terminology. It is important that this consistency is held not only in single documents, but that it is maintained throughout the entire library of documents, this includes translations of legal documents, user guide manuals as well as websites, e-shots or brochures.

At Global LTS we strive to achieve this consistency through a strict project management process. We always try to use the same translators who have been involved on previous projects, which means they are familiar with the product and client-specific terminology. In the rare circumstances where we cannot use the same translators, we make sure that translators working on the project have all previous translations and all relevant glossaries.

It is also important to note the formatting of the files should be maintained during and after the translation. One of our clients is a manufacturer of specialist fruit labelling machines. These machines are distributed and maintained by them around the world, therefore all user guide manuals need to be translated to ensure the staff can use them properly and safely. These manuals are created in MS Word format, but they contain many images and lots of text boxes.

During translation the volume of characters and words often increases (even up to 20% in case of English to French translation or English to German translation). Unfortunately the text boxes do not automatically increase with the text, which means that post translation editing is needed before the files are ready. Again, we have a project management process in place to deal with these instances where the formatting of the files needs to be tweaked, therefore our clients don’t have to worry about the post translation editing of the files.

So, should you have any manufacturing related documents for translation, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll ensure the translation is done to the highest possible standard thanks to our reliable processes and our professional technical translators.

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