The Benefits of Professional Business Card Translation Services

Business cards are an important part of any professional’s toolkit, and it is essential to be able to communicate clearly with potential clients or employers. Global LTS can help ensure that your message is conveyed accurately in multiple languages.

Using a professional service for translations allows you to access native speakers who have the cultural knowledge and language fluency needed for accurate translations.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of using professional business card translation services, as well as tips on selecting a provider.

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Definition of business card translation services

Translation of business cards is a difficult task that should be done by professionals who understand how to translate the job title, the full address, social media profiles and will use the correct format for the target audience.

We also have a team of multilingual typesetting experts who will make sure your translated card looks great and is ready to use. They will correctly use your company logo, format the website address, and save you time by creating print-ready final files.

Translation of your business card into multiple languages can open up new opportunities for you and your company.

Reasons to use an experienced agency

With the business world growing ever more cross-cultural and expansive, extracting the full potential of a global audience requires attention to detail—and that includes getting your business cards translated.

Whether exploring new markets or courting international clients, leaving a lasting impression hinges on having polished translations across all of your digital and printed materials.

By taking advantage of our business translation services not only do you get professional language support but rest assured knowing that each sentence on your business card will leave its intended impact.

Benefits of Our Services

Accuracy of document translation

Global LTS services can be a great asset when attempting to break into new markets with foreign languages.

Not only do we ensure accuracy and precision thanks to our ISO-approved processes, but the approach taken by our native translators also provides invaluable insight into cultural-specific language conventions.

This will ensure the correct use of the local equivalent of titles and roles.

Gone are the days of running your translations through an automated translator which often results in awkward phrasing or confused recipients!

It’s smarter to entrust the task of translating your business cards to a group of experts that understand nuances of language and culture; this will ensure that your connection is clearly communicated and you’ll have a perfect business card in the target language.

Access to native speakers for higher-quality translations

When seeking international business opportunities, language barriers may present an additional challenge to establishing contacts.

Global LTS offer the perfect solution.

With access to thousands of native speakers, the business people we work for get high-quality translations and a perfect business card.

Timely and reliable delivery

Our translation service offers speedy and reliable turnarounds, ensuring that you get accurate results in a timely manner.

We guarantee customer satisfaction and delivery on time. With our team of highly professional and experienced translators, your documents will be translated with precision and expertise.

No longer will you have to worry about costly errors or unsatisfactory results – our standards for quality assurance are underpinned by the ISO certification.

Tips for Selecting a Translation Partner

Look for experience in the specific language pair you need

Without a professional translation agency, it can be difficult or even impossible to make sure that the language used accurately conveys both the tone and meaning intended on international business cards.

When searching for the right translation agency, there are certain criteria you should consider.

One of them is an experience in the specific language pair you need. There are thousands of languages in the world, but there are ten languages that cover around half of the global population, so make sure these are covered by your partner. 

It is essential to ensure that your service provider has extensive experience with business card translating and has a thorough understanding of each language’s nuances and subtle differences.

In addition, it helps if your chosen translator is familiar with any industry-specific terminology that may be included on the business cards.

By ensuring all these factors before selecting a professional business card translation service agency, you can be sure that the final product accurately represents your organization worldwide.

Consider turnaround times, costs, and customer reviews

Having an accurate, professional business card translated is of paramount importance in marketing oneself in foreign markets or beyond. With a professional business card translation service, you can rest assured your message will be understood and conveyed effectively.

When selecting a provider for this service, consider their track record in terms of turnaround times, costs, and customer reviews. Utilizing the expertise of an experienced professional translator can take the burden off your shoulders and ease language barriers to establish connections with partners around the world. With that extra time and effort saved, you can focus on other aspects of growing your global presence with confidence.



In conclusion, investing in professional business card translation services is an essential part of any organization’s international marketing strategy.

By ensuring that the language used accurately conveys both the tone and meaning intended on foreign business cards, you can make sure your message resonates with direct clients worldwide.

When selecting a translation agency, consider its track record in terms of turnaround times, cost-effectiveness, technical translation capabilities, and customer reviews to ensure you get accurate results quickly and efficiently.

With Global LTS at your disposal, all it takes is one phone call to start making global connections with confidence! Contact us today to get started on your business card project!

Case studies

Case Study

Category: Marketing

Description: Business cards

Clients: Interdirect

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Various

Project: Business Card

Interdirect is the marketing agency where different is normal. They provide full service marketing for a host of different business types. For this job they asked us to translate the wording on one of their client’s business cards. The company worked internationally so needed the cards in a number of languages. This required an accurate and reliable translation of job titles. Not only could we provide this, but another reason the agency chose to work with Global LTS is the fact that we deliver print-ready files when requested, as was the case here.


Prices typically start at £65 for translation and £35 for typesetting. Costs might be higher for certain language pairs.

  • Native speakers
  • Experienced typesetting team
  • Quick turnaround
  • ISO-certified processes

Translation of the job title requires an in-depth knowledge of the actual role. Word for word translation will ofter result in an incorrect title being used for the target market.

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