Business Cards Translation

A mistranslation of job titles could cause a lot of confusion or even embarrassment if the translator does not have the appropriate knowledge for your sector of industry. Global LTS provides business translators who are genuine native speakers. Another advantage of our service is that we can supply translated business cards in a print-ready format, saving you time and further costs.

Case Study

Category: Marketing

Description: Business cards

Clients: Interdirect

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Various

Project: Translation of job titles etc

Interdirect is the marketing agency where different is normal. They provide full service marketing for a host of different business types. For this job they asked us to translate the wording on one of their client’s business cards. The company worked internationally so needed the cards in a number of languages. This required an accurate and reliable translation of job titles. Not only could we provide this, but another reason the agency chose to work with Global LTS is the fact that we deliver print-ready files when requested, as was the case here.

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