May events around the world

The global population is very diverse and it is hugely fascinating to observe different cultures. People who speak several languages have the fantastic opportunity of fully understanding the cultures related with the languages they speak.


Which is why we’re very jealous of our translators. Some speak more than 5 languages! For the rest of us regular folk who didn’t pay enough attention in schools during foreign language lessons, a good way of seeing a bit of other countries’ cultures is through their celebrations, their festivals and their national customs.


National events are happening around the world throughout the year. So, if you’d like to consider some interesting trips this year, here are some suggestions of what is happening around the world in May.

  1. Romería del Rocío (Pilgrimage of El Rocío), Spain.


This event is the biggest religious pilgrimage in Spain. It attracts thousands of people to who visit the Helva village of El Rocío.

  1. El-Kelaâ M’Gouna, Morocco


This event is a three day celebration with dance, songs, feasting and a procession. This happens to celebrate the harvest of pink Persian roses which are cultivated in the region.

  1. Bun Bang Fai (Rocket Festival)


This event originated in the rain dance. Throughout Laos and north-eastern Thailand people celebrate pre-Buddhist tradition of starting the rainy season. On the third and last day of the celebration bamboo rockets are shot up into the sky in an attempt to kick start the rain.


If you’re interested learning more about these and other festivals have a look at the Lonely Planet website. It’s a great source of information about remote countries and fascinating cultures, and they also sell fantastic tour guides.


Countries around the world are full of interesting festivals which stem from historical events. These celebrations could be seen as snippets of the local cultures. The best way to fully understanding foreign cultures is to live there for some time. But even then we most likely wouldn’t understand it as well as the natives.


This is important to consider if you’re thinking about translation.


It is crucial to use translators working into their native language. With so many differences between countries, only the native speakers will understand all the language nuances to the fullest. They can intuitively write texts with the cultural sensitivities in mind.


Do get in touch if you’d like to use our native speakers…

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