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Technical documents are incredibly important to business success. This means that if a technical document has to be translated, it is vital to have an accurate translation. This translation must be understood by technicians, professionals, end-users, consumers and more.

This is why Global LTS are your chosen agency for technical translation services.

Here are a few examples of some technical documents we can translate:

  • Instructions
  • Operating Manuals
  • Scientific Papers
  • Patents and Patent Applications
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Manuals
  • User Guides
  • Online Technical E-Learning Modules
  • Electronic Manuals and Guides

If your desired document translation isn’t listed above then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist with your technical translation needs.

When you need translators who really know the jargon…


Of the many translation requirements, technical translation is one of the most exacting.

If you have material that is of a highly technical nature, containing, for example, a lot of specialised industry terminology or scientific data, you will need translators with appropriate knowledge and training along with the relevant language skills.

Translators need to be able to understand specialised terms and ‘industry jargon’ in both the source and target languages. If you have a regular requirement for translations, our team can help you build up a multilingual glossary of terms so that future projects can be translated more cost-effectively while ensuring consistency.

Whether your requirement is to translate detailed technical information or scientific data destined to be read by other professionals, or it may be to use it in consumer-facing marketing materials; we have best-suited translators for the job.

Our Technical Translators

Our technical translation services can meet any requirements of our clients. Our translators are chosen based on their highly attuned linguistic talents, and their specific knowledge of an industry.

Our professional translators are selected based on their linguistic abilities and their knowledge of the specific content being translated. We can guarantee the quality and accuracy of our technical translations here at Global LTS.

We assign the translator with the most relevant, technical experience to the project. They will have the required credentials, as well as being highly experienced in the subject matter.

Our translators will know the specific industry terms needed for the technical translation, and also have access to a wide variety of sophisticated technical translation software. This, combined with their real-world experience, means that the technical translation will be consistent and accurate across even the biggest and most complex of translation projects.

The translators we use have to possess a minimum of two years’ experience in their specialist area, but many have much more extensive track records. The ones who work in the technical area are very aware of the need for precision and consistency.

The types of documents that require technical translation specialists include:

  • Glossary of terms
  • Owner manuals
  • Product specifications
  • Technical Specifications
  • Manuals
  • Catalogues
  • Patents
  • Product Sheets
  • Scientific Reports
  • Technical Proposals
  • User Manuals
  • White Papers
  • Tedner documentation

What is a technical translation service?

A technical translation is a translation of documents or wording which is scientific or technical in nature. There may be specific, scientific terminology used, or it might be a technical field, which is worked in by highly trained people with advanced degrees.

This means that when undertaking a translation of a technical matter, a specialist technical translator will be required. A technical translator is a translator who has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the specific subject and knows the technical and specific terms used in that field, in both the language of the source and the desired language.

Documents which require technical translations can vary greatly. They could be scientific, technical or engineering journal articles for example. Technical journals usually need professionals with at least a graduate training in that specific field to undertake the work, as well as having good translation skills and a thorough understanding of the original and target languages.

This is just one possibility for a technical translation- other examples include a Safety Data Sheet for a chemical industry or a product sheet for a computer. Neither of these might require a high-level knowledge of the science behind IT or chemicals, but a working knowledge of the terminology used in these industries is mandatory.

When working with a client on a technical translation, it is imperative that they understand that usually, technical translations cost more than regular business translations and could take more time.

The extra time and cost will depend on the specific industry and knowledge of technical issues needed for the product, the availability of specialist technical translators in the desired language, and whether they are in high demand.

The Types of Technical Translations

As noted, there are several types of technical translations. We’ve summarised a few here which we work on, and have explained in more detail:


Patents are incredibly important and it is imperative that they are translated to specific requirements. As well as knowledge of the industry the patented product is in, writing patents is also its own art form, and patents must adhere to strict legal requirements which may vary from country to country.

When drafting a patent, the wording is designed to cover an incredibly broad claim, which could involve future applications of a certain product, which include: technique, gadget, method and other applications. However, little information about the specific workings of a product must not be revealed, as this could limit the patent’s scope.

This in itself is an art, let alone having to translate and adhere to regulations regarding patents in two languages and countries. That is why our translators are well-trained in translating patents. For more information about this type of translation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Global LTS.

User Manuals

User manuals are a very broad type of documents, as they can also cover online help and FAQs. Usually these are produced by “technical writers”. This is one of those types of technical translations which do require a specific knowledge, but user manuals significantly differ from other types of technical translations.

Technical user manual translations have to be completely objective, without any trace of an author’s point of view filtering through into the writing. The aim of the user manual is to inform the reader objectively, to help and inform them ahead of their performing of a task.

This objectivity is not always seen in the likes of journal articles, and also sometimes in patents. These types of technical translations are not aimed at outlining how to do a task. The language in a user manual should be straightforward, simple, and aim to inform.

Technical translation: software strings

Up until now, we’ve been talking about highly technical translation. Another type of technical translation services is to do with software and localising software strings for the user interface. User interface may seem to be simple, with wording in layman’s terms.

However, the translator needs to also know technical terminology, and which expectations are needed by software strings in the translated language. For a translator to localise apps, software and more, this does require a certain knowledge of technical terms.

Industrial Equipment Translations

Industrial equipment has the potential to have many health and safety risks. Technical translations are therefore incredibly important, particularly as industrial equipment can be exported across the world, with requirements for different languages.

Despite the native language of the end-user, they must have the ability to completely understand how to safely use a piece of equipment. We can provide translations for many industrial equipment manuals, from safety procedures, installation guides, operating manuals and more. We have hundreds of technical translators who are expert in this field and have experience in translating a vast array of industrial equipment related documents.

Our Technical Translators

Once you have fully prepared your project required for translation, the next step for you is to choose a translation agency. Technical translations can prove more timely than regular translations, and will possibly cost more. However, for technical translation services, you want the highest quality, which we can provide.

Here at Global LTS, we have professional translators with qualifications and experience in a variety of technical subjects, from engineering to biochemistry. We also have translators who are all-round technical experts, and they are happy to take on translations from across various sectors.

Moreover, if you would rather use someone with a dedicated knowledge and expertise in a certain subject or industry, we can provide that as well- all you need to do is ask.

Concern with terminology

The agency you choose for technical translation services should act as a language partner with your business—one who is concerned with getting the foreign-language equivalents of the specific terminology for your industry and company correct. They should ask for the kinds of information (existing glossaries, style sheets, and reference materials) that you will have gathered in preparation for the project.

Want to know more?

We have a large network of translators across the globe.

The team at our translation office based in Milton Keynes, UK, less than an hour from London, are always happy to answer questions about the translations and interpreting services we offer, as well as any other queries. Our cost and delivery details are transparent to ensure our clients are fully aware of our terms and conditions ahead of their order.

Please contact us for further details to discuss your translation needs.

Case studies for Technical Translation


Category: Technical Translation
Description: User Guide Manual Translation
Client: Sinclair International

Size of project: Translation of 4 user manuals into Japanese, Serbian and Spanish

Sinclair International specialise in fruit labelling machines and solutions.

We’ve been working with Sinclair since 2013. On this occasion, we translated 4 documents covering how to use their equipment.

Sinclair Japanese

Sinclair - Serbian

Category: Technical Translation
Description: Technical Drawings Translation
Client: Airborne Systems

Size of project: 36 drawings

Airborne Systems specialise in the design and manufacturing of military parachutes. We’ve worked with them since 2010 and continue to provide specialist translation services for their technical documentation that is used in tender processes.

VIP Polymers logo

Category: Technical Translation
Description: Marketing Presentation and Datasheets
Client: VIP Polymers

Size of project: Full marketing presentation and associated datasheets 

We are VIP-Polymers, the World Class provider of Globally approved sealing gaskets established in 1923.

On this occassion, we have translated their marketing presentation from English into Simplified Chinese. In addition, we have typeset their datasheets, so they were ready for publication.


Category: Technical Translation
Description: Legal letters relating to the space industry
Client: Hughes Network Systems

Size of project: Ongoing translation 

Hughes Network Systems is the global leader in broadband satellite technology and services for home and office.

We help them with communication with their global partners and countries by providing legal translation services on technical product.


Some documents (scientific research papers, manuals for complex equipment, technical drawings) require specialist translators with exact industry knowledge. These documents use specific jargon, that translators need to understand and use.

Documents requiring technical translation can have health and safety implications. Incorrectly translated user manual can lead to injury.

Yes, if you need translation of documents with industry-specific knowledge, you will need to use translators who have experience in that particular field.

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