How we help with increasing profits…

It is great to see that our clients increase revenues and profits thanks to our translation services. It is truly fascinating to see what can be achieved by removing language barriers and thanks to their requirements our work is never boring as every project is different.

Few weeks ago we have done a marketing activity which focused on assessing why our clients buy translation.

The easy answer is because they have a need for it, but why they have a need for translation services is a different story. Every client who responded to our questions had different reasons for requiring our translation services.

It turns out there are essentially two categories of clients for us:

  1. The translation is required for internal purposes, i.e. translation of marketing material or user guides for their products.
  2. The translation helps our clients service their own clients better. This group includes, among others, solicitors who need translation done in order to advise their clients or web designers helping their clients build new multilingual websites.

Even though our clients come from many different market sectors, there was a common thread in their answers to why they buy translation. The common factor was to increase their turnover and profits!

That’s right; translation has a direct and positive effect on our clients’ profits.

  • One manufacturer has told us that thanks to the number of languages we cover they could expand to new markets and increase their sales.
  • Another client was able to deliver multilingual animations which has multiplied their revenues as instead of one animation they delivered six.
  • Another client had a chance to take part in a large tender for a French government contract, thanks to contract translation, which has lead to years of new revenue streams.

Actually, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that translation helps with increasing market share, at the end of the day it does open up new markets and brings new opportunities.

With translation, businesses can easily operate in numerous countries and can attract wide audiences to their websites.

It is also a disillusioned belief that everyone speaks English around the world, and businesses should not expect their overseas clients to be satisfied with English only websites. There are many studies confirming that people prefer to browse websites in their native language even if they know English very well. You can read more about one of these studies in our previous post: ‘But Everybody Speaks English …

As you can see in the above examples, translation drives profits and helps businesses grow. Whether you need to sell your own products overseas or if you’re helping your clients achieve higher international revenues, translation is crucial for achieving those goals.

Others have already started growing their businesses thanks to translation services; just imagine how much you can grow your business by opening up international markets…

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