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Website translations services are a must for any business with a website reaching global audiences. Machine translation is a cheap option, but it will create a very low service level for your audience and will not rank highly on Google searches.

Google bans automatically generated content (read more here), and machine translation without human intervention is deemed as such content.

For best results, only professional website translators should be used with knowledge of your industry to ensure high-quality copy.

According to research published on Harvard Business Review into website translations, over 72% of consumers visit websites in their native language and over 50% value the information in their native language more than the cost of the product.

Therefore, website translations services can potentially help you with charging more for your products and services.

Website translations services help you communicate with local speakers

You need to be able to communicate clearly with your target audience if your website is designed to sell your products and services globally or if it’s designed to provide information.

To achieve this, you need an experienced translation team on your side.

In addition to your copywriters, designers and SEO specialists, you also need experienced linguists to cover website translations services needed to run a multilingual website.

These translators should have your industry-specific knowledge, but they should also have tools and processes in place aligned with your practices to ensure efficient flow and consistently high-quality translation.

Global LTS can be your external website translations team, and if you partner with us, you will have the following benefits:

  • Access to thousands of professional translators
  • All translators will have at least 5 years of experience and knowledge of your industry
  • Professional translators working into their native language
  • Website translations services specialists using the correct industry terminology
  • Translators with the knowledge of target audience markets
  • ISO-certified translation agency

Sales and marketing pages


The tone and terminology should be consistent throughout all your pages, including your multilingual pages.

Our translators working as your external website translations services team will follow all your brand guidelines and consistently provide translations in line with your approach.

We have specific processes for website translations to ensure your audiences get the same high level of service regardless of which language they choose. 

Our translators work into their native language, so they understand how to structure your content to look and feel natural in the target language.

In addition, these professional translators have the perfect mix of in-depth industry knowledge and literary flair to create an enticing and engaging translation for websites designed for sales.

How do we ensure high quality website translations

When partnering with a translation agency for website translations services you are putting trust in that agency to deliver high-quality service on a consistent basis.

At Global LTS we take this trust very seriously. Our approach is to ensure the service exceeds your expectations it includes:

  • We only use professional translators with a minimum of 5 years of experience who work into their native language.
  • The majority of translators are based in the local market.
  • Our translators have in-depth industry knowledge needed for technical translation. For instance, many of our medical/pharmaceutical translators have experience working in the medical industry (retired doctors, nurses, etc.).
  • We continue building our translator network. Currently, we have access to over 3,000 translators. This allows us to pick the best-suited talent for each job, including translators specialising in medical/pharmaceutical projects, website translations projects, legal translations, marketing translations, etc.
  • We use translation memory software to ensure consistency of terminology throughout and between projects.
  • We would only use translators with a confirmed successful track record of translation and confirmed knowledge/expertise in specific industries.
  • We follow our ISO-approved processes for adding new translators into our network.
  • We keep track of translators’ performance.

Consistency of terminology for website translations services and beyond

For your communication to be effective it needs to be consistent. The same terminology should be used in sales brochures, website pages, user manuals, sales presentations and even sales scripts.

This way, your target audience will not be confused by terminology inconsistencies in your messages.

We can help you achieve this terminology consistency throughout your business translations in all your required languages through technology.

We use MemoQ, which is a translation memory software. It is not machine translation.

This approach ensures that translators use the same and consistent terms and phrases during translation. This will happen on all documents within a project, but also between projects. Translation consistency will be achieved even if the projects are months and years apart.

So, you will always be able to communicate consistently with your marketing collateral including multilingual brochures, documents, user guide manuals and your translated website pages.

Managing multilingual websites

Once the website is translated and live, it will require ongoing management and updates.

You will need to have a thought-out process on what will work best depending on how the website is set up.

You can use Excel spreadsheets to send to your translation agency and paste the translated text back on the website, but that is a manual process for your designers.

It’s more time efficient to set up your website with a correct plugin, such as the WPML .

This setup allows for streamlined website translations services management.

For more ideas on how to improve website translations, please check out how the UK Government has been dealing with website improvements to manage their translations in a better way.

By working with Global LTS on your website translations, you will be in good hands for the ongoing management of your multilingual content. You’ll benefit from our trusted team. Consistent approach. Quick delivery. No minimum fees on the websites we translated.

Please contact us to discuss your website translations services needs.

Case studies for Technical Translation


Category: Technical Translation
Description: User Guide Manual Translation
Client: Sinclair International

Size of project: Translation of 4 user manuals into Japanese, Serbian and Spanish

Sinclair International specialise in fruit labelling machines and solutions.

We’ve been working with Sinclair since 2013. On this occasion, we translated 4 documents covering how to use their equipment.

Sinclair Japanese

Sinclair - Serbian

Category: Technical Translation
Description: Technical Drawings Translation
Client: Airborne Systems

Size of project: 36 drawings

Airborne Systems specialise in the design and manufacturing of military parachutes. We’ve worked with them since 2010 and continue to provide specialist translation services for their technical documentation that is used in tender processes.

VIP Polymers logo

Category: Technical Translation
Description: Marketing Presentation and Datasheets
Client: VIP Polymers

Size of project: Full marketing presentation and associated datasheets 

We are VIP-Polymers, the World Class provider of Globally approved sealing gaskets established in 1923.

On this occassion, we have translated their marketing presentation from English into Simplified Chinese. In addition, we have typeset their datasheets, so they were ready for publication.


Category: Technical Translation
Description: Legal letters relating to the space industry
Client: Hughes Network Systems

Size of project: Ongoing translation 

Hughes Network Systems is the global leader in broadband satellite technology and services for home and office.

We help them with communication with their global partners and countries by providing legal translation services on technical product.


Some documents (scientific research papers, manuals for complex equipment, technical drawings) require specialist translators with exact industry knowledge. These documents use specific jargon, that translators need to understand and use.

Documents requiring technical translation can have health and safety implications. Incorrectly translated user manual can lead to injury.

Yes, if you need translation of documents with industry-specific knowledge, you will need to use translators who have experience in that particular field.

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