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Websites are both marketing tools and sources of information for customers. People are used to reading web material in their native language, written in a style that flows and is easy to understand.There is nothing worse than reading a website that feels like it has been translated from another language. Even if the wording is understandable, if it appears unnatural to the reader they won’t feel a complete connection with your brand.Another important consideration is layout. When translating into languages with different alphabets or characters, it is very important to ensure that the translation looks correct on screen and that phrases and words are not broken across lines, for example.Global LTS can provide website translations by professionals who are experts in their field and who have an aptitude for marketing, which means they know how to make translated website copy persuasive as well as faithful to the original.

Case Study

Category: Manufacturing

Description: Website translation

Clients: PRI – Performance Review Institute

Source Language: English

Target Languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian.

Project: Ongoing website updates

PRI is a consultancy specialising in the aerospace sector. They work on areas such as special process accreditation and developing audit management software. Their clients include Rolls Royce Aerospace and Airbus.

For last three years, Global LTS has been translating updates to the company website into seven different languages. The material includes news items and updates such as a revised privacy policy etc.

Case Study

Category: Marketing

Description: Website translation

Clients: A.T. Cross

Source Language: English

Target Languages: French, Spanish, Dutch, German

Project: Translate copy for product promotion

Cross pens are sold around the world. The American manufacturer has supplied pens to the White House since the 1970s and a succession of presidents has used them to sign official documents.

The European division came to us with a requirement to translate sales copy for an email campaign that had been written to promote new models of pens. This required good marketing translators who could use their cultural knowledge and copywriting skills to ensure the messages did not lose their power in translation. The most important requirement was that the wording appear completely natural to the reader and help prompt them to react.

We were able to supply all the required translations in a short time frame so that the e-shots could all be sent out at the same time.

Case Study

Category: Marketing

Description: Website translation

Clients: SRM Maritime Services (Security Risk Manager)

Source Language: English

Target Languages: Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Arabic, French.

Project: Translate entire existing website

This website is aimed at professionals within shipping companies and needs to persuade them that SRM are the best partner to help them minimise risk and protect their cargo. As with any marketing copy, it was important to make sure the translators brought across the essence of the message rather than just doing a word-for-word translation. Translating from a European language to other alphabets such as Chinese and Arabic requires good proofing to ensure the translated wording is arranged correctly on screen.

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