Written Translation

Requirements for written translations can vary enormously and at Global LTS we can help with them all. You may need to translate only a few words on packaging or user instructions. Or you might have marketing material in the form of website articles or brochures. Other types of wording we translate include meeting minutes and full length reports. If the requirement is for certified translation in a specialist sector or niche, we will use our database to find translators with the right qualifications and knowledge.

Case Study

Category: Legal

Description: Legal compliance

Clients: Hughes Technologies

Source Languages: French, Dutch, Romanian, Slovak, Russian, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish

Target Languages: English

Hughes Technologies is a leading supplier of broadband satellite terminals. Some of their clients include Tesco and BP garages, where their technology is used in customer payment systems.

Global LTS assists them whenever they receive legal documents from countries in which they operate their systems. This can include regulatory guidelines, new legislation etc. Our translators make sure the Hughes legal team has access to certified English translations of these documents. We sometimes translate from English back to the source language too when such correspondence is required.

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