Court documents translation

Translation of court documents requires a specialist approach. The legal language used in many court documents is full of jargon and has a specific function. For this reason, it is imperative that they be worked on by experts who have knowledge of the law and the ability to make accurate translations of legal terminology. Courts also require certified translation which ensures the translation is done by a professional translator. Poor translations can cause cases to be delayed or even collapse, so it pays to get it done properly.


Case Study

Category: Legal

Description: Witness statements

Clients: Woodfines Solicitors

Source Languages: Arabic

Target Languages: English

Often, we can assist with super urgent legal requirements. This was the situation here, when some witness statements required translation as soon as possible. We took the enquiry in the afternoon and were able to have the translated and proofed documents ready for first thing the following morning.

Case Study

Category: Legal

Description: Case documents

Clients: Heald Solicitors

Source Languages: Bengali, German

Target Languages: English

In this example, our customer had a client who was selling a business. To assist with the case, they needed a number of documents translated from Bengali and German to English.

The translation was carried out by a legal specialist to ensure that the translated document contained the correct terminology.

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