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What is court documents translation and why it is important for your businesses

Translation of court documents requires a specialist approach.

When it comes to court documents, civil law can often get extremely complicated. Powerful legal language is interspersed with technical jargon and phrasing that may be alien to the everyday person.

This isn’t just for show—the complexity serves a unique function in helping to ensure the impenetrable accuracy of any given legal document.

The rules and regulations enshrined in civil courts must be respected and carefully upheld, no matter the potential headache a few “legalese” words may cause.

Every word within these otherwise indistinguishable documents has its place and deeper implications than one might assume without educational qualifications.

That’s why it’s so important to use the help of court documents translation experts when dealing with matters where legal translation is required.

Professional translators have the ability to take even the most complex concepts and express them in the target language in a way that everyone can understand.

Courts also require certified translation which ensures the translation is done by a professional translator. Poor translations can cause cases to be delayed or even collapse, so it pays to get it done properly.

Advantages of working with Global LTS for professional court document translation

Native translators – best specialists to translate court documents

The advantages of working with a professional court document translator include the accuracy and precision of their translations. Our legal translators also understand how to express complex concepts in the target language in a way that is both understandable and legally correct.

We have access to thousands of experienced translators who can deliver an accurate legal document translation of your official documents to be used in court.

Our legal translators understand the legal system in the UK and they also understand the target country’s legal system.

Certified translation

We are a professional translation agency and can also provide certification for our translation services.

In some countries, sworn translators can officially provide legal document translation, but in the UK only translation companies can provide certified translation service.

Accurate translations

With our court document translation services, you will receive an accurate translation of your documents which reflects the original document. The translator working on your project will accurately reflect the source language and will provide translations fit for use in courts.

They are legal professionals and understand the utmost importance of accuracy in their document translation services.

ISO-certified translation service

We have processes in place to ensure high-quality document translation services consistently.

These processes are audited and reviewed to ensure our translators adhere to strict deadlines, follow punctuation rules, follow the structure of the original document, and provide professional service that can be trusted by law firms and other clients.

On-time delivery

Whether you need legal or non-legal translations, birth certificates translation, certified documents or any other specific requirements, our translation services will be delivered on time.


To conclude, court document translation is a highly involved, detailed translation service task best left to experienced professionals.

With Global LTS, you receive native translators for each project who are familiar with the legal terminology in order to accurately translate the content.

With our ISO-certified processes and certified translations, we guarantee accurate translations delivered on time.

Whatever language you might require, whatever type of legal document you have for translation – rest assured that with our professional team of translators, your documents will be handled with the utmost care and expertise.

If you’re interested in having your court documents translated – contact us today!

Simply fill out our form and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read about why court document translation is often so important for business operations and why professional assistance from Global LTS can make it easier than ever before!

Court Documents Translation Case Studies:


Case Study

Category: Legal

Description: Witness statements

Clients: Woodfines Solicitors

Source Languages: Arabic

Target Languages: English

Often, we can assist with super urgent legal requirements. This was the situation here, when some witness statements required translation as soon as possible. We took the enquiry in the afternoon and were able to have the translated and proofed documents ready for first thing the following morning.

Case Study

Category: Legal

Description: Case documents

Clients: Heald Solicitors

Source Languages: Bengali, German

Target Languages: English

In this example, our customer had a client who was selling a business. To assist with the case, they needed a number of documents translated from Bengali and German to English.

The translation was carried out by a legal specialist to ensure that the translated document contained the correct terminology.


It is a specialist translation service for documents that will be used in court. It requires specialist translators with experience in the translation of court documents.

It is a specialised area of the translation services industry. You will need a translator with specific legal knowledge and experience.

You should work with an ISO-certified agency with access to legal professional translators.

Yes. We can provide certified translation services in line with the UK Government

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