Technical translation for product localisation

technical drawing

Technical translation for product localisation Translation comes in many forms and shapes, and our lives at Global LTS are never boring as every project is different and unique. Today we’d like to touch on product localisation which is essentially a process of amending and tweaking of the product to make it work in foreign markets. […]

Global Language Translation Services celebrate 4 years in business

Global Language Translation Services celebrate 4 years in business! Thank you Milton Keynes! Next week is our 4th birthday, and we’d like to take the time to celebrate our successes. In the day-to-day rush we often miss out on celebrating our little (and sometimes large) victories. Our blogging partner Jannine Beattie, who is part of […]

Top 10 most spoken languages

Top 10 most spoken languages If you’re looking to reach a global audience, then you’ll need to know what are the top 10 most widely spoken languages. From business partnerships and negotiations to travelling abroad, understanding the culture of another language is essential for anyone planning international campaigns or projects. Are you curious about which […]

Apart from English

Apart from English, what are the best languages for international businesses? Currently English language is used in many global communications, however, there are numerous regions in the world where English is not the default international language, such as Africa or South America. So, what are other languages worth learning or translating into? The Telegraph had […]

Urgent translations

Urgent translation – how to maintain quality? Translation takes time and the process requires good planning in order to produce high quality text. Of course there are situations where projects are urgent and extending the deadline would cause a lot of trouble, and there are ways of achieving those deadlines in responsible and professional manner. […]

Language Skills Can Improve the Economy

Language Skills Can Improve the Economy UK Economy’s growth depends on many factors and one of them is the export. If the UK increases its export it means more money is flowing into the economy which should lead to more money being spend in the UK thus driving local businesses. British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) […]

Calling overseas prospects

Calling overseas prospects…   Would you like to know whether your international marketing works? Would you like to follow up on your overseas target audience to find out if they received your samples and brochures? If your answers are yes, but you’re limited by the internal resources and you don’t have multilingual staff, we can […]

How to measure quality of art

How to measure quality of art?   Translation is often regarded as art. It is an art, and everyone who speaks more than one language can testify how difficult it is to convey the same message accurately for two distinctive cultures in their native languages. So, how do we measure the quality of the art […]

What to translate when breaking into new markets

What to translate when breaking into new markets   When entering a new market translation and localisation should be at the top of the priority list. So, what are the first things you should have translated to get the most impact? There are few things that are a must for the first day, and some […]

Translation on a retainer

Translation on a retainer – why it is a good idea?… Minimising costs and improving customer experience is sought after by every business. Translation on a retainer does exactly that. This works for contract translation, brochure translation, legal translation, business documents translation medical translation and certified translation. Essentially, all clients who take up that option […]

Translation for manufacturing industry

Translation for manufacturing industry Manufacturing of goods is a complex process and requires precision and regular adjustments in order to achieve highest yield from the raw materials. This precision and attention to detail is also required for translation of documents related to manufacturing which often requires certified translation. Our clients produce wide range of equipment […]

Christmas around the world

In previous blogs we have covered how business approach differs in countries around the globe; in this post we would like to look at celebrating Christmas in few countries. As our directors are Polish we know a bit about their Christmas traditions, lets look at the way Christmas is celebrated in Poland which is a […]

Translation of contracts

What would you do if your new potential client wanted to draft the contract in a foreign language? Would you feel comfortable with them to put the correct clauses in as per your agreement or would you insist on having an English version of the contract only which could be difficult to agree on? We […]

Doing business in Romania

Doing business in Romania Romania has joined the EU in 2007 and expects an influx of labour in 2014, therefore, it might be a good idea to cover some tips of doing business in Romania in case you have a business opportunity in that country… Romanian is the official language, but according to there […]

International gestures

Many books and specialists talk about the body language accounting for roughly tree quarters of the messaging during conversation. To put it in other words, your body language is over three times more important than what you actually say. Today, we’ll look into how our gestures might be understood in other countries, so does body […]