We are Global LTS and we provide multilingual services. We would like to start our blogging off with a brief introduction to translation and our approach to achieving high quality multilingual services.


Many people ask if we are worried about translation industry disappearing in few years due to the machine translation such as Google. Also, many people say: ‘Why would I pay for translation? Google can do it for free in an instant!’ Indeed, Google can provide free instant translation, but is the quality of produced text any good?


In short, no.


Google has definitely made huge improvements in their translation algorithms, but it is still not even near the quality provided by human translators. Languages are very complex and continuously changing beasts. Software engineers (even as talented as Google’s) are not able to program their software in a way which would allow machines to understand language nuances, cultural differences, and using most appropriate words and phrases depending on the context.


Only professional translators have the knowledge and the skill to convert a message from one language into another in a way that it sounds as if it was created in that language. Translators use their experience and their linguistic talent to create high quality translations, and during the translation process they consider the target audience, the tone and the complexity level of the text.


Therefore, we are NOT worried about translation industry being replaced by machine translation.



In our future posts we’ll look more closely at all the different specialisations within translation industry, current trends and innovations in linguistics. For the time being we would like to mention what services we offer, which are:

  • Written translationtranslation of text of all shapes and forms including legal documents, medical documents, technical user guide manuals, brochures, websites, emails and anything else with text.

  • Interpreting Servicesface-to-face interpreting ranging from small meetings to large conferences where several languages are required at the same time. We can also provide interpreting over the phone and British Sign Language interpreting.

  • Multilingual Voiceoveraudio recording of scripts for presentations, training videos and product information.

  • Braille – creation of written documents for the blind using Braille systems recognised around the world.


Our approach is focused on quality; therefore, we only use professional translators with degrees in translation and at least two years of professional experience. In addition, our translators work only into their native language, so they fully understand the language nuances, technicalities and cultural differences.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions on translation, or if you’re passionate about languages.

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