John in finance speaks some German, can he can translate our brochure?

Is this really a cost-saving option??

Companies of all shapes and sizes are now touched by globalization, and most of us come into contact with a foreign language at some stage in our business lives.

So, translation is the sort of requirement that pops up from time to time, and the frequency depends on how much you’re dealing with overseas markets.

The question is, are all companies geared up to deal with translation and is it treated with the respect it requires?

It is probably a fair assumption that no one would willingly agree to undergo a surgery performed by an untrained surgeon; or, would you fly with a pilot whose only experience comes from being on a plane few times?

Of course, these are two extreme examples of why we value the experience of the people who provide some sort of services to us and our businesses.

Unfortunately, this same due diligence is not always applied to translation services.

In addition, some industries require certified translation and that cannot be done by internal staff.

Often businesses decide to translate texts internally using their employees on the basis that they’ve lived overseas for some time or they’ve done A-Levels in a foreign language about ten years ago.

This approach can probably seem like a good solution at the time.

The employees are already getting paid, so there’s no need for extra expenditure, which might seem like a money-saving option, and translation will be done in-house so should be much quicker than outsourcing.

However, in reality, this is a false economy approach.

The employee tasked with translation will have to spend their time doing the translation instead of doing their regular job.

This means that rather than doing what they are good at and efficient at, they will need to focus on a task that is probably not their strongest skill.

Even if your staff are working in finance and have good financial knowledge, it doesn’t mean they will produce good financial translation.

Professional financial translators spend years practising their skills and learn financial terminology for both the source and target languages.

In addition, unless your employees have experience with translation, it will take them much longer to translate a piece of text than it would take a professional translator to do.

As a result, they would be performing a task they have no experience with, would use their working time to do the translation instead of focusing on the tasks they get paid for and the quality of the delivered text would most likely not be of the highest standard.

Therefore, it really is more cost-effective and efficient to use professional certified translation service to fulfil your translation requirements.

If you have any translation requirements for texts that are going to be representing your organisation externally, it is crucial to have it done by a professional linguist in order to avoid embarrassment or more seriously a court case.

At the end of the day, the decision is yours.

Either you trust John in finance to do the German translation for your marketing brochure as he’s lived in Germany for a few months during his college years, or you can talk to us about your translation needs.

Our translators have at least two years of professional translation experience, education in the field of translation and work into their native language.

Thanks to our extensive global network of translators we are able to fulfil requirements for majority of specialisations including, but not limited to: medical translation, legal translation, or technical translations.

In addition, we have quality assurance procedures in place to deliver the highest possible standard of translations.

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